Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Anti-Semitic flyers found in UC Bekeley printers and fax machines. Again.

Over the weekend, UC Berkeley computers, printers and faxes throughout the campus were found with flyers described as "anti-Semitic and homophobic". The flyers included swastikas and pro-Nazi propaganda.

Because the sender exploited open source printers and fax machines that were legally accessed via the internet and the machines were not hacked,  this act is not considered a hate crime. There was a similar incident in March of 2016 targeting Berkeley and other universities across the country.

UC police Sgt. Sabrina Reich  speaking to the East Bay Times  said that UC’s Internet Services and Technology Department has been communicating with the offices and departments on campus to “provide information on how to update the settings on (the machines) so they can be better secured on the network.”

“This is not something we welcome in our community,”

In the UC Berkeley student paper, the Daily Cal, Campus spokesperson Roqua Montez stated  “The UCPD was immediately called and took whatever info they could find about who could be behind this...The next step was to work with the IT department to patch those vulnerabilities."

Please contact the campus police at 510-642-6760 if you have any information about the origins of the flyers.

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John said...

I've read a little of your blog, it's very nice. I am an Israel-supporting evangelical Christian.