Thursday, September 19, 2013

Is David Klein of CSUN using tax-payer resources to promote extremist agenda?

As documented by the Amcha Initiative,  Prof. David Klein Cal State Northridge has been using the CSUN name and resources to promote his personal political agenda. Klein has been using his University email and website to endorse political candidates, solicit donations for them and to promote boycotts against Israel.  Using state resources gives the appearance of imprimateur from the University.   Klein may be in violation not only of CSU guidelines but the California Educational Code, as well.

          Misuse of the CSU name
It is inappropriate to use the CSU name without the written permission of the institution for any purpose, including:
  • Designating a business, social, political, religious or other organization;
  • Claiming an affiliation or endorsement of the California State University, where none exists;
  • Advertising any meeting or activity that has the purpose of supporting or opposing any strike, lockout, boycott, or political, religious, sociological or economic activity; and
Any other commercial purpose.

Consequences for Misuse of the CSU Name
The California State University strives to resolve any misuse of its name by first bringing the situation to the attention of the individual/business and requesting immediate correction. If that fails, or in the first instance in egregious situations, the CSU will take legal action to protect its name, which can result in civil and/or criminal penalties including:
  • Money damages or fines
  • Injunctive relief
  • Criminal charges
  • Seizure of infringing merchandise
  • Attorneys' fees
As California taxpayers, how do you feel about David Klein using state resources to push an extremist personal political agenda? Speech might be free, but bandwidth is not. The CSU Board of Trustees can be reached here.

Students- to report antisemitic activity on a college or university campus click here


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Anonymous said...

At San Francisco State today there was a ridiculous program that featured bloody dolls in memory of Sabra and Shantila. Hardly anyone was there- there were a handful of people that had graduated years earlier, but the rest of the campus couldn't be bothered. Is it still hate speech if no-ones there?