Thursday, September 19, 2013

Gaza: What Siege?

Ever wonder why the anti-Israeli activists have shelved their high profile publicity stunts?  Its been many months since we've heard about a flotilla or a flytilla.   I'm guessing its because they've finally realized that the world isn't stupid.

Social media shrinks the world. Its hard to even pretend there's a humanitarian crisis.   Do a quick Google image search search for Gaza hotels.  Check out the brand new construction. Palatial halls. Beautiful swimming pools. Luxurious rooms.

Arcmed Almashtal  hotel in Gaza.
Search for Gaza restaurants.  Look at their extensive menus and buffets.  Check out Palmera in Gaza City- known for its Bavarian pastries and cakes. (Yes, those photos are by the very same Sami Kishawi who bemoans the "siege" and "starving" and the children of Gaza)

Menu, Roots restaurant, Gaza city
 Everything thing you need to know about the "siege" of Gaza  is below. From Sept. 8  through  Sept 14, 1,428 trucks carrying 38,545 tons of supplies entered Gaza. 2,882 people crossed through the Erez crossing. From the beginning of the year, 41,852 truckloads of supplies have entered Gaza, bringing a total of 1,159,552 tons of supplies

Siege. Fail.

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