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Maps of Disappearing Palestine

You've seen the ubiquitous 4 part map at every anti-Israel event you've attended. Currently, billboard sized ads of these maps are in Vancouver transit system (There is an on-line poll here, asking if these ads should be removed. Please take a moment to vote while the poll is still open.) These maps will be coming to a bus stop near you. Know how to debunk them. Understand why they misrepresent history.

There are two versions that generally circulate. Liars need good memories.

Under partition,  Jerusalem and Bethlehem were designated as a Corpus Separandum . Most of the maps we've seen, including the ones currently in Vancouver neglect this information.  But that's only the start of the inaccuracies.

We've assembled a resource list for debunking the "Map that Lies" Click on the links for excellent summaries regarding why these maps are  inaccurate

From  Yaccov Lozowick    The Maps of Disappearing Palestine 

From the Elder of Ziyon       The map that lies, and one that doesn't

The Elder offers this as an alternative map: Israel's Land Concessions for Peace

 From Phillipe Assouline's Facebook page:  I acknowledge Anti-Semitism Poses as Palestinian Human Rights Activism 

A variation on the theme, via the Mike report

From BluestarPR:   Don't be fooled by lies About Palestine

From the Website 5 Minutes for Israel:  A course in map Reading Four maps & five, six, seven … lies

From The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, Pacific Region : Factual Analysis of the Vancouver Transit Ads

If you know of other resources, let us know and we'll add them to the list.


The latest rebuttal  of the "maps of disappearing Palestine" is from StandWithUs, a non-profit founded in 2001 in response to the misinformation that surrounds the conflict in the Middle East.

UPDATE Oct. 9, 2013 StandWithUs comes through again, with this map profiling Jewish Loss of land from 1000 BCE through the present

UPDATE Dec 3, 2013
No Palestinian Arab state ever existed prior to the one currently being proposed by the international community.
Via: The Whole Story

Lets not forget the map they'll never show you: what Olmert offered the Palestinians, and what they turned down.
Via CAMERA : The Palestinians rejected peace three times

UPDATE Jan.6, 2014

Excellent analysis of the "Mendacious Maps of Palestinian Loss " by Shany Mot, a former director for foreign policy, Israeli National Security Council

He writes
Taken together, what we have is not four maps in a chronological series, but four different categories of territorial control presented with varying degrees of inaccuracy. Those categories are private property (“1946”), political control (“1967” and “2005”), and international partition plans (“1947”). They are presented in a fashion that is either tendentiously inaccurate (“2005”), essentially mendacious (“1947” and “1967”), or radically untrue (“1946”).

Shany Mor presents these 2  maps as a more historically accurate alternative:


 Read the whole article here


The revisions keep rolling in. This map details the emergence of a Palestinian state for the first time in history.

From the blog
Confronting antisemitism and Israel hatred: Countering the 'shrinking Palestine Maps' scam

Finally, a  quick film debunking the maps
Palestinian Loss of Land: The Myth of the 4 Maps


Barbar Mazor said...

Great job. Thanks for collecting it all in one place.

Anonymous said...

Just so you know. the maps of disappearing Palestine have been, er "disappearing" from Vancouver stations. So claim the anti-Israel forces. But I've never seen a photo, so it might just be a cry for attention.

Nick said...

When Holocaust heirs travelled to Poland and demanded the return of the property which had been stolen they had the full support of the entire world.

The property they demanded included a lot (schools, hospitals etc) that had been held communally, thereby setting another precedent viz all stolen property must be returned.

A said...

Load of rubbish, in the Torah it says Jews shouldnt have any land in which they call theyre country. After the second world war they didnt know what to do with the remaining jews so they decided to put all jews in palestine. And now after years of day light robbery and murder Israel has been created.

Anonymous said...

The Jews have lived here for over 3500 years, long before the invention of "Palestine" and the "Palestinian" people

فيديل said...

palestine mentioned in bible b4 5000 years
so stop your bullshit my grand father was born in palestine in 1931 and he has certificate with palestine state b4 israel came
we are here and we will stay here for ever and one day palestine will be free

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

propaganda blog... you can't lie people through this waste thing

Paul Williams said...

"In 1946, the land was NOT Palestinian, it was British..." I think that it the most stupid comment I have seen on the internet. What right do the British have to own land in the middle east? Typical straw man argument to back up Israel

Anonymous said...

" Nick said...

When Holocaust heirs travelled to Poland and demanded the return of the property which had been stolen they had the full support of the entire world.

The property they demanded included a lot (schools, hospitals etc) that had been held communally, thereby setting another precedent viz all stolen property must be returned."
The only problem is that according to the Polish law those so call " owners " should provide original papers and documents of the property ,on which their names or the names of first blood relatives have to appear...If such a documents are not provide or belong to no relatives indicated on those documents the property cannot be return !

Folke Murnodotte said...

Please share your source for your graphic "History of the Holy Land since 1516", specifically the 1948-1967 image that state: "Arab and Palestinian Leaders reject partition plan and Invade." A review of the documents leading up to passage of UN Resolution 181 clearly indicate the Arab leaders, on multiple occasions, did not approve of these plans and requested a hearing before the International Court. Their requests were summarily ignored, therefore, given the lack of Arab consent, as noted in the resolution itself, the resolution is invalid, as is the partition plan, as is the state of Israel. Check the sources of this article, all primary, scanned original documents.

Gezzmond said...

Borders are irrelevant and are never created by the non-elite. Just stop killing people and pushing people off their land. Just because one feels that there was no state of Palestine, that does not mean there was no-one there in the 1st place.

Unknown said...

looooooooooooooooooooooooooool this ain't true
get your head out of your ass, please.

Anonymous said...

This is a great hub for Israeli propaganda. Also, it is complete bullshit. #freepalestine

Unknown said...

You are such an asshole. you expect people do believe you??? No one will with your shitty excuses dumb ass!

Chris said...

Why has Israel been condemned by UN more than any other country for war crimes? History is catching up to you.

Dusty said...

Well, Chris and Tak Man: There are 1 1/2 billion Muslims and 14 million Jews. Its all about speaking truth to power.

Anonymous said...

Please... Do not drag the Jews into the Zionist propaganda. The Jewish Rabbi's do not want to be apart of the Khazarian Zionist who are starting wars.

Anonymous said...

Israel criminals

Anonymous said...

Israel is the real terrorist. Killed children and people. We don't believe u... israel is the real zionist...

Anonymous said...

This is FUCKING BLOGGER!! May your soul rotten in hell with Israel!!

Anonymous said...

Nice, just read all those comments of "love" and "understanding" from leftists, how you can believe anyone in them, when they just offend the others?

Anonymous said...

The "Palestinians" were under typical British hegemonic colonization for a very long time. Call the land whatever you want, but the people that lived there, calling themselves Palestinians, because, we wouldn't expect them to call themselves Israelis, even tho they live in Judea/Israel.
They are pawns of the Arab world, used to continue havoc with Israel, a concoction of the West. The British gave the land a new name, there was a coup for control, Jews won, now it's called Israel, again, and if the Palestinians wanted to live there in 1948, they were welcomed. But the neighboring arab states attacked, instead, telling the people to leave and return after they got done finishing Hitler's work. Didn't work out so well, and their neighbors turned out to NOT be so friendly, and let them languish as pawns in a different battle. I feel sorry for them.

Anonymous said...

I know the point. Jews and Arab bitches fighting for the so called "Holy Land." Wack! There's nothing holy in this world. Not even Mecca!

Unknown said...

People talk about Israel without know what they are talking about. Israel is one perhaps the country in the whole world with more legitimacy. The Jews are the native people of Israel and they have been there for 5 tousand years. How many countries in the wotld can say the same?

ALL the countries of North, Cental and South America occupied land from the natives!

In Middle East, with the exception of Israel and Lebanon, all the countries were designed after WWI and WWII from. Iran used to be Persia, an ancient country, but nowadays is dominated by Islam.

Please STUDY, and then blame Israel, if you can:

Unknown said...

The only problem with Israel is the same we begin experiencing AGAIN in Europe (my country lived under muslim rule for 500 years): ISLAM!

The Muslim Agenda - Full Movie Documentary -
Radical Islam Documentary
One Hour Compilation of how Islam is Ruining Europe and America
Obsession:Radical Islam's War Against the West (2007) -
Two faces of Islam. Why we should fear Islam.

Islam Exposed (Origin of Islam)
Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret, by Dr Bill Warner -
Islam - What the West needs to know full documentary

Peace? Or Pieces? Everything You Need To Know About Islam
Playlist Islam -

Islamic Slavery-The Castration of the Black Slaves
Hitler and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem
Nazism and Islam, an incovenient truth


Unknown said...

The only «argument» of muslims here is calling History and facts «propaganda». Sad and poor, as usual.



Inventing the "Palestinian people"

Hamas Interior Minister: We are Egyptians and Saudis, Allahu Akbar
Egyptian TV Host Osama Mounir to Hamas Leaders: Dream on! You Belong in a Mental Asylum

Révélation : documents volés au Kremlin où comment les Russes ont décidé avec les arabes de détruire Israël

Inventing the "Palestinian people" -
Phantom Nation: Inventing the "Palestinians" as the Obstacle to Peace
Les arabes sont les arabes. Les vrais palestiniens sont les juifs d’Israël. Mise au point sur la mythologie de l’arabe palestinien.
Comment et pourquoi le peuple palestinien fut inventé, par Guy Millière - See more at:

L’invention du « peuple palestinien » est un crime contre l’humanité


Anonymous said...

You don't know what you are talking about. End of story.

Anonymous said...

If someone forcefully comes into your home and claims it as his own while forcing you in a small storage closet, you don't think you can fight to win it back?

Anonymous said...

José J.

It is really sad to see the kinds of lies people like you are engulfed in, your assumption of every muslim being is not only extremely ignorant, but outright ridiculous. Im going to guess youre the radical Christian south American type who really knows nothing of his own religion or other religions. You can go on for days about islamic history and the bad and very bad parts of it, but same goes for the Catholic/Christian and Jewis history. These religions are all fake first off, clearly written by man due to its many flaws innacuracies and extremely radical text that explains how society was back inthe ancient times. Example. In the bible it says "thou shall be stoned for lying with the same sex" or some shit like that, to kill someone with rocks for being gay? Sounds like homophobia created by men. Same as racism and sexism, the kind of shit men are afraid of because others are different. Humans are like sheep, they all want to be the same and pick out the different. Its sad, to claim Israel as a peaceful nation is pretty pathetic. I mean how much does it take to realize the Zionist are terrorists and war criminals, theyve always been sick bastards throughout histrory whos purpose is to destroy. This blog is complete propoganda and ridiculously innaccurate jose you have been living in a lie. I feel sorry for you.

Anonymous said...

Bullshit and poor israel's propaganda everywhere..... da real terrorist in the world.

@José J., you blame islam with that crap? Do you know? even before Islam appears, previous religions have condemned the Jews! written in their each holy books. This proves that the Jews have a bad history, bad behavior. Jews are hated by the people at that time, but I admit, Jews are smart to make propaganda, never give up and genius. Even the British and America be affected by all of you, da real terrorist.

Unknown said...

Dude it(Palestinian lands) refers to lands where the people lived thats kind of stupid of you(no offense lol). The British never truly owned these lands since they were only considered occupied lands from the ottoman empire.
It would have been nice to see these guys living together in peace like long ago you know.

Dusty said...

jklahsd32 laksd13 : you are confusing the concepts of sovereignty and residency.

The British had legal sovereignty over the land after the defeat of the Ottoman empire.

Anonymous said...

It's about time someone told the truth about the "Palestinians". The Arabs didn't want them, so they sent them from their countries to Israel to take up space, & cause Israel trouble, killing two birds with one stone!

adnan salem said...



Anonymous said...


The LIES being told on this planet in history books, movies, media etc. etc. is relentless and utterly one sided.

People need to wake-up and think for themselves and when they do I think it will become very. very apparent who has been lying on an unimaginable scale.

Not one single word that comes from their mouths is truth, not one, and as far as I'm personally concerned their lies should be classified as a crime against humanity.

You can fool some of the people some of the time but you will not fool everyone forever and I sincerely hope that I am around when the penny drops.

Anonymous said...

you do know that the british invaded palestine .. ? but the palestinians were there ,, only british military was in palestine but the people and the civilians there were all palestinian ... stop spreding lies !

Anonymous said...

Palestinians owned the since ancient Greece, the British mandate was after ww1. Both sides used terror attacks in the 1920's and 30's.

Dusty said...

Thats nonsense, Anonymous 1/24/2017. The Palestinians weren't even invented until the 1960's. There is no mention of a Palestinian people in recorded history, until very recently.

How could this "ancient" people have escaped the notice of history for a thousand years, anonymous?

Anonymous said...

This is all pro-Israel propaganda. even if it wasn't called Palestine, Palestinians lived there. the fact that Britain acquired it after the first world war or that Jordan and Egypt ruled it is irrelevant.some images are also so blatantly bias, they start with the 1967 territory that Israelis stole. how about some of you be fair and don't let the greedy Jew stereotype stick.

Nobody said...

If you type canninites into google it says they where the first people in palistine/isreal and there closest decendents are the Palestinian .in the book of Joshua it says that there are one of the nations to be exterminated

Anonymous said...

The canninites where the first in palistine
And in the book of Joshua the where marked as a nation to be exterminated and the Israelites did this. There closest relatives where the Palestinians

Dusty said...

No, anonymous. The Canaanites were a non-Semitic pig eating group that no longer exists. Genetic studies show that the vast majority of the Palestinian people have their origin in the Arabian peninsula. Arabs are from Arabia. Jews are from Judeah.

Unknown said...

It’s wrong that palestine was a part of the U.K in one of the maps however U.K colonized it and the Jews started moving there running from Europe, Arabs unlike some of Europe welcomed them since they have a religion that we believe in, but palestine is an Arab country and Arabic was spoken thousands of years is not a Jewish country it is actually a multi religious country filled with different religions that were written in our Quran that god created them

Dusty said...

Wrong, Mosh. After the defeat of the Ottoman empire, Britain acquired the "Mandate for Palestine". It was not "colonization". It was the spoils of war. The entire region that was once controlled by the Ottoman was divided up as well. This land was the home of the Jewish people 1500 years before the birth of Christianity, or the birth of Islam.

Like it or not, over 40% of the World's Jewish population calls Israel home. The Muslims have 56 nations. The Arab Muslims have 22 nations. Why is one tiny Jewish state too much to ask for?

Unknown said...

It depends on the year, at 1946 it was UKs land, not Palestine, Palestine was never a country

Unknown said...

And don’t ever call palestine a Muslim nation because it is not both Christian and Islam are taught in the school, I know that since I studied there, it is a multi religious country

Dusty said...

Ha! Both the Hamas charter and the PA constitution call for a nation ruled under Sharia law. Not very Christian, is it? Christians are fleeing Palestinian controlled areas. Many are seeking sanctuary in Israel. Bethlehem was once 100% Christian- now its 80% Muslim

Unknown said...

My posts don’t get posted although nothing offensive is written on them

Dusty said...

I feel no need to get into a give and take with someone who has no knowledge of history. Why should I post lies and propaganda anyway?

Anonymous said...

No one gonna believe this. Israeli Propagandas

Unknown said...

Shame on you Israeli... Stupid people I've ever know is your race... Jews...

Anonymous said...

Please add this to your Maps of Disappearing Palestine Resource list:

Linda said...

In the mid 1800s and until WW1, most of the deeds to property in Palestine were in the hands of about 15 absenteee landlords. These originally were sheikhs or mukhtars who had paid the taxes for their clans to the Ottomans and had the deeds registered in their own names. They became very wealthy. Most moved to Beirut or Istanbul. Europeans purchased the land from the legal deed holders. The clans, who had viewed the property as communal land, were in essence tenant farmers in the eyes of the Ottoman law, with no rights to the land according to Ottoman law. The deed holders could sell as they pleased, and did. This is well documented. The British accepted the deed records of the Ottomans as legal deeds and the Israelis accepted the British records as legal deeds. There is also the problem that in order to avoid taxes, many land owners in Palestine never declared their lands to the Ottoman Turks; hence these lands were registered as state land in Ottoman times and remained state land in British Mandate times. Also well documented.

Linda said...

In Turkish times, a "firman" from the Sultan was required to sell land to non-Ottoman buyers, and the Turks kept records as compulsively as Germans (even including the yield from fields, for tax purposes). So European purchases - both Jewish and Christian, such as extensive lands purchased by churches, were carefully documented. British Mandate times just continued the pracitces, without need of a firman.

Carlos said...

Here's one worth adding:

From Honest Reporting -Misleading Palestinian Maps Twist the Truth