Sunday, July 7, 2013

BDS fail. Israeli food exports to America increase 50% over the last 5 years

 Anti-Israel activists will be assembling later this month for a BDS meet and greet in upstate New York   The BDS boot camp  run by the American Friends Service Committee and  Jewish Voice for Peace promises “fun in a summer camp-like environment!” , and offers Ramadan meal accommodations. They know their target audience

Perhaps there will be a workshop on keeping up morale in the face of failure.

After twelve years, the BDS campaign  seems to have made no appreciable difference in Israel's economic growth. Israel’s explosive tech industry remains unaffected,  with Google recently purchasing Israeli company Waze for $1 billion. Intel is currently in negotiation to invest $10 billion dollars in the Israel based factories.

Its not just tech.

The last five years have seen a 50% rise in Israeli food exports to the United States. Exports of Israeli foods and beverages to the United States reached a record $224 million in 2012.


The Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute (IEICI) recently revealed that in 2012 alone, the US received a record $224 million worth of Israeli food and beverage exports, which represents a 3% increase since 2011 and a 50% increase since 2008, when Israeli food and beverage exports were valued at $144 million...

Several Israeli researchers predict that the amount of Israeli food and beverage exports in the US will double within the next five years....

In the San Francisco Bay Area, one of the hubs of the "delegitimization" of Israel,  Israeli products are readily available, carried by big box chains such as Costco, as well as smaller specialty stores such as Trader Joes.  Independent Grocers  and gourmet shops are carrying more and more Israeli foods. And in spite of the call of "Palestinian civil society", and to the chagrin of anti-Israel activists,  Israeli products can still be found in many of the small Arab and Middle eastern markets around town.
Ora's Organics Israeli Tea at Safeway

Delicious Israeli Olive oil found at the Berkeley Bowl

Israeli Sliced cheese at Costco

Israeli Wines found in a Bay Area Lucky store: The "Buy Israeli goods" symbol is a nice touch

Just some food for thought to the BDS'holes out there...

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And tonight, at the start of ramadan, many Dutch Arabs eat an Israeli date to honor their prophet..if they only knew..