Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Noose Tightens

Mike L.

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Ever since the Obama administration saved Hamas from any significant retaliation by the IDF during "Pillar of Defense," and ever since dictator Abbas went to the United Nations for the purpose of Palestinian statehood recognition, I get the distinct impression that many pro-Israel advocates are becoming increasingly worried.

Just today I read three pieces from three serious individuals each of which indicates a hardening of attitudes.

Adam Levick of CiF Watch has a piece entitled, Hanukkah Diarist: Antisemitism and the flight of the ‘progressives’.

This may be the saddest piece of the three because it neatly outlines how just as the world failed to come to the defense of the Jews during the Holocaust, so it entirely ignores the constant genocidal screechings coming out of the Muslim Middle East today.

Levick writes:
While, even in the most “enlightened” circles, the failure of so many to reveal, yet alone seriously confront, the Nazi genocide as it was being perpetrated is well-documented, in our post-Shoah world the homage paid posthumously to Jewish victims is nearly universal among the respectable class.

Indeed, such pieties are often observed, if perfunctorily, by even the most shrill critics of the modern Jewish state.

However, in observing the failure of such a large segment of the ‘progressive community’ to engage in serious moral resistance in the face of explicit threats by many leading Islamists (such as the leaders of Hamas) to annihilate the Jews, it seems extremely unlikely that the next coordinated assault on world Jewry would be radically confronted.
Also the FresnoZionist has written Why disproportionate response pays.

The FresnoZionist responds to the recent story about a few Israeli soldiers chased off their position under a hail of Palestinian-thrown rocks in Hebron.  I think the FZ has about had it.  He points out that the essential irrationality of Jew hatred precedes the rational mind and that the Jews of the Middle East need to fight back hard if they wish to secure any possible future peace.
In order to change the political landscape, it’s necessary to change the psychological one. The way to do this is not by careful surgical strikes, defensive strategies, and unbalanced concern for the welfare of those who are trying to kill IDF soldiers. It is by massive, disproportionate response to attacks.

While some are afraid that this would create legal and diplomatic problems, these problems appear anyway based on false and exaggerated ‘evidence’ — see the Goldstone report, for example.

Israel should hit its enemies hard. Deep down, even the Norwegian diplomats will understand.
 Meanwhile Shoula Romano just penned Message to hypocritical world.

Romano runs down the most recent Arab-Israel history by reminding us that every time Israel retreats from land they get attacked more.  She reminds us that ever since Israel ethnically-cleansed Gaza of Jews in 2005 there has been near constant rocket attacks into southern Israel and the world has given its silent assent.  She therefore insists that Israel should not capitulate to a Palestinian state on Jewish land.  She writes:
Recent anti-Israeli UN resolutions and condemnations remind us again that the world has not changed and still prefers the Jews to be persecuted, victimized, helpless and defenseless. The Israeli people must send a clear message back to the world that they prefer their survival as a strong and powerful Jewish state over any morally bankrupt approval or sympathy.

The Israelis must reject any world pressure to resume negotiations with the allegedly "moderate" Abbas for the establishment of another Hamastan in the West Bank in order to be embraced at last by the anti- Semitic international community.
What I think is that Jews throughout the world are feeling a tightening of the noose.

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