Monday, December 24, 2012

Demonization and Double Standards from the ISM

From the International Solidarity Movement's latest fundraising appeal:  Apparently your donations support such quality reporting as this:

Settlers attack children in Hebron

After school on the 13th of December in Al Khalil (Hebron) two children were attacked by a group of settlers. Younes Azzeh, age nine, and his sister Raghad Azzeh, age fourteen, were attacked by three male settlers that are speculated to be between seventeen and nineteen years old. Younes was kicked in the shins, thighs and generally roughed up as Raghad was accosted by a hurled stone hitting her lower back.

Notice: Palestinian teenagers are "children', but Jewish teenagers are "settlers".  A "hurled stone",  the very symbol of  "non-violent resistance" by the Palesrtinians and their ISM enablers,  is considered an "attack",  if it happened to be thrown by a Jew.

What really happen in Hebron on Dec. 13? We'll never know by  reading the ISM report. 

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