Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mama, they're not making Anarchists like they used to: Application process for the UC Boat to Gaza: the Audacity of Hope

They aren't making anarchists like they used to. Did you all get your 4 page application to be a passenger aboard the US Boat to Gaza, the "Audacity of Hope"? What do you think of the invasive personal questions they ask? Many of these would be illegal to ask on any application in America. Applicants are asked specifically to identify their ethnicity, race,religion, and sexual orientation.

The part that really got to me, though was that the form needs to be signed and notarized before it's sent back to the Bearsville, NY Post Office box.

Do you think the IHH members from the Mavi Marmara were also asked about their sexual orientation?

I can't help but wonder if the questions on identity and sexual orientation relate to the recent controversy on sexual abuse of international activists in the Palestinian territories. Its worrying the haters, judging by the "help wanted" they distributed:

Their email:

We are in need of volunteers to join us this winter and spring as we struggle to end the Israeli occupation in all its forms and to promote justice and self-determination for the Palestinian people. We have a wide range of programs lined up for the next few months, and are in need of dedicated, enthusiastic volunteers to help make our goals a reality...

Our Principles:

All internationals agree to respect traditional Palestinian culture. For example, internationals will dress appropriately (long-sleeves, no shorts or skirts, loose-fitting), not engage in sexual activity, drink alcohol or use drugs while volunteering with PSP.
We agree to respect each other at all times. We as internationals agree not to act in racist, sexist, homophobic or xenophobic ways, even if we encounter these behaviors within Palestinian society.

Interesting. Very interesting.

If you always wanted to be the next Rachel Corrie, write to "US to Gaza" Po Box 373Bearsville, NY 12409. And be sure you have a notary lined up. Thats a good anarchist.

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