Sunday, June 13, 2010

For Bay Area people, BDS is a hot topic.

A new Reut institute study claims: The BDS Movement Promotes Delegitimization of the State of Israel. Frankly, that's not exactly news. Last March I had written "Let's Talk about BDS" that made exactly the same point. But they go into great detail in a very valuable document. Here is the main part of the study. Extensive quotes make it impossible to claim that BDS is about "Peace" or "ending the occupation." It is about ending Zionism, about genocide of the Jewish people. The organizers say so, in their own words.
Here is a sample:

In an article entitled 'Our South Africa Moment has Arrived,' Omar Barghouti writes that, "The conceptual origins of Israel's unique form of apartheid are found in Zionism, a racist European ideology that was adopted by the dominant stream of the Zionist movement in order to justify and recruit political support for its colonial project of establishing an exclusive Jewish state in historic Palestine." (Scottish PSC, 03/19/09).

Dr. Haider Eid, lecturer at Al Aqsa University in Gaza and activist for the one-state solution ,argues that, "With pressure imposed by the international community through a BDS campaign a la anti-Apartheid campaign which brought Apartheid South Africa to an end, we believe that Israel itself can be transformed into a secular democratic state after the return of 6 million Palestinian refugees who were ethnically cleansed in 1948, a state for ALL of its citizens…therefore, we think that one of the major tools of the struggle towards a secular democratic state is BDS."

Want more? See Let's talk some more about BDS and delegitimation of Israel

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