Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lily Haskell of AROC Revisited

As a passive activist and full-time anarcho-Zionist, it's my duty to keep tabs on the haters - persons & things: Becky O'Malley, Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists, The Berkeley Daily Planet, The Anti-Zionist Network (comprised mostly of self-loathing Jews, sadly), and of course my non-friend, Lily Haskell.

So I did a search on her name. She's still in the top 5 hits, though she appears on another fellow Zionist's blog, At the Back of the Hill. Still, 2 hits in the top 5 is impressive.

Let's continue. My second search was "Lily Haskell" in google images. IMAGINE MY SURPRISE:

FIRST PHOTO, TOP LEFT (how suiting, for her to be on "the left").

Lily Haskell aka Lily Aida Haskell aka Elizabeth Haskell


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Anonymous said...

I'll never forget Lily Haskell's spirited chant at last years AIPAC protest last year.
"Zionists watch your back Or we will push you down the shaft"- a reference of course to the mysterious death of local pro-Israel activist Dr. Dan Kliman, found dead in the elevator shaft of the building where he studied Arabic.

In her spare time, Lily Haskell enjoys walks on the beach, random threats, and organizing Boycott Sanction and divestment activities against the Jewish community.

I suspect we'll see her at this years AIPAC protest as well. Dec. 15. San Francisco