Friday, October 9, 2009


Recent riots by Muslims in Jerusalem are attracting the attention of sympathizers in the strangest places. In Jordan, which fought a bloody campaign against Palestinian insurrectionists during September 1971, thousands have marched demanding that ties with Israel be cut.

'In Amman, demonstrators made their way to the Prime Ministry, where they chanted slogans urging the government to sever diplomatic ties with Israel and expel its ambassador.
They also called for the abrogation of the peace treaty which Jordan concluded with Israel in 1994. '
End quote.


If Jordan were to accede to their demands, it would have momentous consequences.

For one thing, we could finally be rid of meddlesome outside-agitators in Al Aqsa.

'Under the pact, Israel acknowledged Amman's right to look after all Islamic and Christian holy places in East Jerusalem.'
End quote.

Very well. Given that 'peace with Arab nations' does NOT actually mean peace, and that diplomatic relations with Arabs is merely a state of permanent war with added costs, let the Jordanians do precisely what their rabble asks.

Then expel the Waqf and throw out those Muslim officials who have allegiance to outsiders. By their actions, their words, and their malevolent intent towards Israel they prove themselves deficient in honour and unworthy of residence in the Holy Land. Their foreign masters will assuredly welcome them with open arms.

'Jordan's King Abdullah II demanded that Israel stop all unilateral actions in East Jerusalem, in an interview with Ha'aretz newspaper. He warned that such steps jeopardize Israel's relations with Jordan and are likely to inflame the Islamic world and derail peace efforts.'
End quote.

Peace efforts? My good man, what are these peace efforts of which you speak? Would that include the massive funding of extremists and the applauding of every brutal terrorist act?
It seems to me that peace with the Arab world, having been a chimera for so long, has ceased to have any possible relevance.

A valuable first step towards real peace would be dissolving the Waqf and deporting its officials to Jordan. Throw the beggars out.

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