Sunday, January 6, 2019

And in other BDS Fail News

Year 17 of the racist and bigoted BDS campaign has closed. So, hows that boycott going for you? 

Lets look at the numbers:

Israeli exports hit a record high of $110 billion in ‎‎2018, up 8% from 2017, buffered by a 56% increase in exports to China, and a  50% increase  to Japan.   Exports to India and Latin America have grown by 27%.

Over 4 million tourists visited Israel in 2018, a 14% increase from the previous year.  This is the second year of record-breaking tourism to Israel.   That number is certain to increase next year, as Israel hosts the 2019 Eurovision Music Contest.

Performers visiting Israel this year included  Ozzy Osbourne, Alanis Morrisette,  Ringo Star, Julio Iglesias,  Carlos Vives, Enrique Iglesias, The Chainsmokers , CleanBandit and FloRida.

I'm chalking 2018 up as another year of BDS fail.

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Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

Aside from all that, as someone who spends much of thier weekdays on the road I can tell you there’s no shortage of ZIM cargo containers being hauled on SF Bay Area highways (as documented regularly at ) every day. Another fact based indicater of the robust economic relationship between California and Israel despite the anti-Semitic and failing BDS bowel movement.