Thursday, April 2, 2015

In which Enno Raschke rips Max Blumenthal a new one

Max Blumenthal's colleague, “independent journalist”  Rania Khalek recently tweeted a link to a video that she characterizes as Max "lay[ing] out Zionist collaboration with Nazi Germany.

What happens when Yad Vashem historian Enno Raschke watches it?  He characterizes Max’s bastardization of history as  “disgusting foolish and fraudulent,” concluding “That's not collaboration, it's Pikuach Nefesh - which calls to abandon all other principles in order to save innocent life.”

Check out the result on Storify.  Thanks to Nurit Baytch  for compiling these. 


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

I didn't know who this Blumenthal idiot was until I saw some pro-pali youtube video from last summer in S.F. in which he was giving a speech at Justin Herman Plaza. what an absolute narcissist with all his "stop the Zionist disco" catch phrases. you'd think he was auditioning on American Idol or something he so disgusting!

NormanF said...

Max Blumenthal is a JINO, no scratch that, he is a visceral anti-Semite and virulent Israel hater.

To think this man is a Jew, I cannot think why he deserves such an honor!