Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Israel Apartheid Week Comes to Berkeley


Its Israel apartheid Week” at UC Berkeley, and Students for Just Us in Palestine (SJP)  just can’t seem to think beyond the box, resorting to the same tired techniques to spread their demonization of Israel.

Yep. Mock-check points and mock-eviction notices.

In direct violation of campus policy SJP members distributed several hundred fake eviction notices under the doors in Unit 2, except for one floor, where a resident advisor barred their entry. (SJP described the incident as " the interruption of a Resident Advisor prevented us from exercising our right to free expression.")
Via the Daily Cal
“We do not allow any solicitations out of respect for the students residing there,” said Adam Ratliff, spokesperson for the campus’ Division of Student Affairs, in an email. He said he is not aware of any planned response to SJP for breaching dormitory policy.

The club also left an eviction notice in Chancellor Nicholas Dirks’ mailbox.

The group also staged a checkpoint at a mock security barrier at Sather Gate, that was largely ignored by the students hurrying to classes.  A bomb was painted on  the barrier, along with the word "resistance"

The barrier  also features a tribute to unrepentant Jew-murderer Rasmea Odeh.  Both visual images provided a  horrifyingly disturbing glorification of violence from the privileged students at Cal.

SJP's exercise in demonization was supported financially by a variety of equally extremist groups, including JVP, IJAN and the AROC


Anonymous said...

Islamofascism Awareness Week.

Anonymous said...

What would happen if a few students knocked it down and destroyed the anti-Semitic garbage? Hint, hint.

Dusty said...

The Students for "just us" in Palestine would scream "Islampophobia" until they turned blue, and would use it as evidence of their eternal victimization.

Geoff Kl said...

how many times can a group break campus policy without being sanctioned?