Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Hares Boys are now murderers

Two years ago, the Biton family 's existence changes in the blink of an eye. Adva Biton, and her three young daughters Avigail, 4,  Naama, 6, and Adele, then 2 were injured when Palestinian "boys" hurled rocks at their vehicle, causing their car to swerve off the road and collide with an oncoming truck.  

The thugs who nearly destroyed the Biton family became a cause celebe in anti-Israel circles.
Hares boys propaganda poster
Hares Boys propaganda poster
The ISM started a letter writing campaign in support of the "schoolboys" Mohammed Kleib, Mohammed Suleiman, Ali Shamlawi, Ammar Souf and Tamer Souf, saying they "were were arrested and charged with 20 counts of attempted murder for allegedly throwing stones at an Israeli settler’s car", and alleging "They received these charges despite an overwhelming lack of evidence".  There was not a word about the devastating injuries received by Adele.

A mother and 3 young girls were nothing more than "setters" to the ISM,  and the thugs terrorized them were repeatedly framed as the victims,  with the ISM writing,  "It is difficult to comprehend how terrible this ordeal must be for the boys and their families."

Today Adele Biton died from complication from the injuries she received in the accident . May she rest in peace.  The "Hares boys" are now murderers.

People of good faith, from all regions and all walks of life mourned the little girl.


Muawiya Qabha, the Arab medic who saved Adele on the night of the attack, eulogized her, saying: "Words can't explain the pain I feel and tears are choking my throat. How could a superhero be defeated? It's just not possible," he said.

Qabha had been in touch with the Biton family in the past two years, and was the guest of honor at their Mimouna celebration last year. Earlier in the evening, he arrived at the hospital to comfort Adele's parents. "There is no sadder moment than this. Adele, my little girl, you were a hero when you were alive and will continue to be one in your death. I will always remember you."

Qabha further stressed: "Adele did not pass away, she was murdered in a terror attack by a criminal."


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this. Truly heart breaking.
May her memory be a blessing.

Anonymous said...

The hares terrorists should be stoned too - on their sloped heads.

Unknown said...

Very sad for sure, but still no proof that the hares boys did it. Plus if you play with fire you might get burned. Why are these families living in illegal settlements. They don't belong there. Their existence there makes Palestinians lives unlivable. If you force a dog into a corner it will surely bite you.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Hares "boys" were playing with fire and they got burnt- they never thought they'd get caught, but they did, and if there is justice in this world, they'll serve time for murder.

Jews have lived in Judea and Sameria for 3500 years. This is their home.