Friday, November 8, 2013

Jewish Voice for Peace: aiding and abetting the Haters

Jewish Voice for Peace, the self described "Jewish wing"  of the Palestinian solidarity movement will be co-sponsoring  a conference with  the  Council for Islamic America Relations, the Muslim students Association and  American Muslims for Palestine.

Of course, Jewish voice for peace no longer claims to be a Jewish organization, but rather one inspired by "Jewish values". Its unclear what "Jewish value" is represented by finding common cause with those that seek to destroy us.

Speaking at the conference will be Ali Abunimah,  Hatem Bazian and Max Blumenthal. JVP should feel right at home.


Gary Fouse said...

The Chinese Cultural Center is directly across the street from the Irvine mosque. What a coincidence.

Gary Fouse said...

Here is my report on today's big event in Irvine