Sunday, November 24, 2013

Buycott Target to counter anti-Israel extremists

From our friends at San Francisco Voice for Israel, the Bay Area's direct action Israel advocacy group:


On Sunday December 1 from 3-4 PM, anti-Israel extremists from a group called QUIT (Queers Undermining Israeli Terror—yes, an LGBT group that tirelessly advocates the destruction of the only society in the Middle east where they themselves wouldn’t get shot or hanged!) will be holding a protest at the Target store in San Francisco located at the Metreon (789 Mission St). The specific object of their rage that day will be the highly successful Israeli company Sodastream, because it dares to have a factory across the Green Line in which it employs Palestinian Arabs at Israeli wages and with Israeli-level benefits.
If you haven’t already seen it, there’s a wonderful 8 minute video that shows how the company actually helps bring Jewish and Arab workers together, and even sets aside a room and time for the Arab workers to pray; you can see it here:

Coexistence with the Jewish state, of course, is what fanatical groups such as QUIT hate the most.

Now groups like this claim that their protest is solely because Sodastream has a factory across the Green Line. But their goal is not a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians that will turn that territory into a Palestinian state, because they resolutely oppose the existence of a state of the Jewish people within any borders whatsoever. Their efforts are made not in the name of peace, but in support of the 65+ year jihad against the Jewish state.

The best strategy against this type of hatred isn’t going onto the streets to confront them; it’s to enrage them by making a special effort to buy THIS product from THIS store at THIS time. Nothing will ensure that Target will continue to carry Sodastream products better than a record day of sales!

So if you were thinking about buying a Sodastream device, go to the Target on Mission Street this Sunday and buy one. If, like me, you already have one, then at least buy a bottle or two of the soda mixes; and maybe even buy a Sodastream for a Chanukah gift for friends or family. You can even organize a group from your synagogue to make a mass purchase. And whatever you buy, make sure that you walk by the protestors and hold up your purchases—so they can see how they actually caused MORE sales of Sodastream products that day!

Many of you may prefer to shop at smaller locally owned stores rather than large chains such as Target. In that case, we’re happy to suggest that you buy Sodastream products at Cliff’s Variety at 479 Castro Street (between 17th and 18th), a locally owned business that has also been targeted by the same hate group.


Target Fights back and delivers a happy smiling "F**k You" to the BDS Cru. The front page of their flyer features Sodastream among the  "Best gifts ever".  Smooth move and right on Target


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

it might surprise some people to know about the racism within the gay community just asked most any gay person of color about that. so anti-Semitism within the gay community hardly comes as a surprise. and what comes as even less of a surprise is how some members of the gay community can be so radicalized with far left wing ideology to the point where they sympathize with those who despise their existence. pretty much just another form of Stockholm syndrome.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

also, you should have included the Pat Condell video in this posting titled "How Gay is Islam". it explains very well the sick pathology of pro-Palestinian gays along with anti-Israel "Jews".