Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Its All Israel's fault

Colony Collapse Disorder. Global Warming. The Collapse of the I-5 Bridge.

Its all Israel's fault.

Blaming Israel for the collapse of the I-5 Bridge.
A very special group of haters, Spokane Veterans for Peace claims responsibility for the billboard

From their Website:
Spokane Veterans for Peace, Chapter 35, has funded the placement of a 14′ x 48′ billboard facing westbound on I-90, between Cour d Alene and Post Falls, Idaho, urging that we “Stop $30 Billion to Israel”. This was a joint collaboration with an anonymous matching funder who has helped place dozens of similar billboards across the country, many of them sponsored by local Veterans for Peace chapters.

Its another in the ongoing saga of "billboard wars" . Perhaps StandWithUs, an Israel education group will counter it with a series highlighting Israel's gifts to the world?  They've done it before  StandWithUs has countered anti-Israel ads placed throughout the United States since 2007 including six times in San Francisco, three times in New York, twice in Montana; Denver, Washington DC, Portland, Albuquerque, Houston (in cooperation with Bridge Houston), Chicago and Seattle.

From StandWithUs CEO Roz Rothstein

  "Anti-Israel groups continue to misinform the public with these ad campaigns.  Their ads fail to inform viewers that the funds Israel receives are earmarked primarily for defense with contracts to US manufacturers thereby creating jobs in America.  They fail to mention that Israel must defend itself militarily against a radical Islamist enemy like Hamas, openly sworn to Israel's destruction.   As with all the anti-Israel campaigns we've encountered, context and facts are always left out.  The SWU ad directs people to www.sayyestopeace.org which offers relevant information about the impediments to peace." 

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