Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Hares Boys face 25 counts of attempted murder

From the warped minds of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) media team:

A campaign for five boys from Hares (Salfit) who were arrested last March and have been imprisoned since then has just started. They are currently being held in Meggido prison (48Palestine/Israel) and are  accused of 25 counts of attempted murder. They are having the military court hearing next 25th of July.

The presence of EU/USA official representatives would make a huge different regarding the judge and police behavior during the court and that is why the campaign (led by IWPS) is asking people to send a letter to their embassies asking your official representatives to attend the military court.

The ISM directs you to this page for more information, which makes this claim "Five Palestinian teenagers are facing life imprisonment for a crime that never happened. A settler car accident  labels them as "terrorists". Fight for justice for the Hares Boys!"

This is the result of the crime that "never happened' :

Victims of the Hares boys

The victims included Adva Biton, and her three young daughters Avigail, 4,  Naama, 6, and Adele 3. The family was injured when Palestinian "boys" hurled rocks at their vehicle, causing their car to swerve off the road and collide with an oncoming truck.   Adele was critically injured and has been fighting for her life for four months. She is now wheelchair bound.

Its hard to comprehend what kind of twisted mind could warp reality and invert the victims and the perpetrators in this scenario. The  Palestinian teenagers arrested for this crime were Ali Shamlawi, Mohammed Kleib, Mohammed Suleiman, Ammar Souf and  Tamer Souf.  Yet these teen-aged hooligans are  mere "boys" to the ISM, while the Jewish children are "settlers". 

To the ISM: Never forget this. Your attempts to dehumanize the Jewish victims of this egregious crime are doomed to fail. Adele Biton has a name. She has a family that loves her and a community that supports her.

Adele Biton,  young victim of the Hares boys

The ISM suggests a letter writing campaign. Their suggestion follows, and should be roundly ignored. Instead, send them photos of Adele, of her mothers car, and your heartfelt plea that the perpetrators of this terrorist act against the Biton family face the consequences of their actions.

Letter writing campaign: Find your respective embassy

To [Ambassador’s Name]

I am writing to request your presence at the upcoming court hearing of Ali Shamlawi  at Salem Military Court at 9am on 25 July 2013. 
In March 2013, five teenage boys from Hares village (Salfit district, occupied Palestine) were arrested and charged with 25 counts of attempted murder for allegedly throwing stones at an illegal Israeli settler’s car. They received these charges despite an overwhelming lack of evidence. 
Since March 15, the boys have been imprisoned, first in Al-Jalame interrogation center and later in Megiddo prison, both inside the 1948 territories of Israel (as you know well, transferring detained / arrested / imprisoned people from occupied territories to the territory of the occupier violates international law, specifically the Fourth Geneva Convention).
Each boy reported being tortured, including being held in solitary confinement for as long as two weeks and being beaten by soldiers and other prison personnel. The boys have only been granted very limited visits with both their families and their lawyers. Each of their court hearings has been closed to outside observers. 
I ask you to attend the court hearing, as your presence as an international observer will ensure that these boys receive as fair a trial as is possible in a military court system. I hope that you will attend and I look forward to hearing your response. 
If you need more information about the court hearing, please email us at: Alternatively please have a look at the detailed account of the Hares Boys case online:
Thank you very much in advance.

And lets continue to keep Adele and her family in our hearts and in our prayers


Anonymous said...

Isn't it strange that the driver of the truck stated that he stopped because of a flat tire- then changed his mind?

And, isn't it very strange that there were no witnesses to the boys throwing rocks to be found...


Hmm.....another 5 souls in the jails of the "so called state of israel" many more before you're through?

Anonymous said...

The mother and the surviving girls in the car witnessed it. As did the rock-throwers.