Monday, July 8, 2013

JVP Joins its partners in slime in Tiaa-Cref Divestment Song and Dance

Why is Jewish Voice for Peace held in such disdain by members of the Jewish Community? One key reason is that they don't hesitate to stand side by side with those who seek the destruction of the Jewish homeland.  In San Francisco on  Tuesday July 16,  JVP is pairing with anti-Israel activists from Code Pink, the Arab Resource Organizing Center, and Sabeel  for a Day of Rage directed towards financial giant Tiaa-Cref, for refusing to capitulate to their divestment demands.  

Looks like San Francisco is getting a "flash mob".
That'll show those investment  bankers....
Pity the poor New Yorkers who will be putting up with mimes.

But at  least they'll be quiet.

Here's the full list of JVP's day of rage actions against Tiaa-Cref. Let us know if you are planning a counter- we'll be happy to post your info.

Ann Arbor
5:00 pm
TIAA-CREF offices- 333 Maynard Street

12:15 PM meet in Harvard Square (the pit)
12:30 - March to TIAA-CREF
12: 00 pm
TIAA-CREF office - 200 N. LaSalle Street
5 pm
TIAA-CREF Office - 17th & Broadway
11:30 am
TIAA-CREF Office- 2000 Town Center in Southfiled, Michigan
12:00 pm
Meet in the center of Dewitt Park, then march to TIAA-CREF Ithaca Office-  130-131 E. Green St (between Palmers Pharmacy and Urban Outfitters)
Los Angeles
Time/Date TBA
Time/Date TBA
New York
5 pm
TIAA-CREF office- 750 3rd Avenue between 45th&46th Streets (4/5 to Grand Central)
8:15 am
TIAA-CREF office at 1835 Market Street, corner of 19th Street
Time/Date TBA
San Francisco
12:00 pm
TIAA-CREF Office- 560 Mission St. (near 2nd St.)
Time/Date TBA
Washington D.C
July 14th, 2:00 pm
 In front of Columbia Heights Mall -- at the Columbia Heights Metro Station on 14th St.-- just north of the intersection with Irving St.

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