Saturday, March 30, 2013

What if you gave a protest and no one came? The Southen California Edition

As part of the annual Youm El-Ard/Day of the Land Activities in Southern California, Al-Awda, The extremist Palestine Right to Return Coalition has organized yet another protest in front of the Israeli, er "Zionist" consulate.
Los Angeles: A Day of the Land Demonstration will be held on Friday March 29, 2013, starting 3 PM in front of the Zionist consulate (11766 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90025) with participation from all of Al-Awda's chapters in Southern California. Organizations wishing to co-sponsor, please email

And its deja vu all over again. Just like the Al Awda organized protest earlier this month in San Francisco, no one showed up. Eric Golub documents the latest Al Awda fail here:

The failed Good Friday Los Angeles Palestinian protest

Maybe it was the Christian spirit of Good Friday, but Palestinians made their most positive contribution to humankind in the entire history of their existence. For once, they stayed in their homes and left the rest of society alone.

 A planned anti-Jewish protest in Los Angeles fell flat when nobody showed up. It’s a sad day in Palestinian culture when hatred of Jews takes a back seat to sleeping in on a paid American holiday.

 The protest was scheduled for March 29 at 3:00pm PST at the Israeli Consulate. The issue would be Palestinian “right of return” to Israel. For those unfamiliar with the Palestinian movement, they are demanding their own separate independent state of Palestine while also demanding to have four million refugees who are not really refugees move to Israel.

 Why would they want their own state yet return to Israel? The answer is to flood Israel with so many non-Jews that Israel would effectively be destroyed. This has always been the “peaceful” purpose of the Palestinian movement...

 The Palestinians in Los Angeles faced the ultimate indignity. Like fading Hollywood celebrities, they were non-controversial.  They were prepared to hold a protest, and nobody cared.
Contrast that with American Muslims for Palestine's effusive rant  from yesterday : "The interest  shows the American public is ready to accept the Palestinian narrative!".  Perhaps this rather complete lack of interest shows quite the opposite- that the American public stands firm with our closest ally in the region, Israel, and realizes that ultimately,  while the Jewish people have truth and history on their side, the Palestinians are left with  mere"narrative"

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Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

they just can't get anything right lately between this and what happened in S.F. and also in Oakland.