Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hows that Secular Democratic State working for you?

From an article by the courageous Khaled Abu Toameh, in the Jerusalem Post:

A Palestinian man who clicked "Like" on a Facebook status criticizing a Palestinian Authority official has been sentenced to six months in prison.

Anas Ismail, 29, of Salfit, near Nablus, was found guilty of "libel and slander."

Ismail is the second Palestinian to be imprisoned for Facebook activities in the past few days.

He was sentenced to prison on the same day another PA court in Bethlehem sentenced a Palestinian journalist to one year in prison for sharing a photo on Facebook that compared PA President Mahmoud Abbas to a villain and spy of French colonial authorities in a Syrian drama.

 In the earlier incident, Palestinian journalist Mamdouh Hamamreh, a correspondent for Al-Quds TV in the West Bank, was first arrested by the Palestinian security forces shortly after the derogatory  photo appeared on his  Facebook page in 2010. He was freed on bail until he was re-arrested last Thursday following the court decision. Abbas  pardoned him, some speculate, after intense pressure from the west. Hamamreh was released from prison one day after his sentencing
Incidentally,  CAMERA , the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East reporting in America is awarding Khaled Abu Toameh  the organizations' coveted  Emet (truth) Award at their annual dinner on April 21 in New York City.  More than 600 participants are expected to attend the gala.   Khaled Abu Toameh consistently reports what the mainstream media will not, and is our window to truth in the West bank and Gaza

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Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

well here's a nice little glimpse at what a palestinian state would look like. the people in the arab world never learn rather it's islamists in tunisia, the muslim bros. in egypt or even the palestinians left up to their own devices