Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Solidarity With Israel Rally Israeli Consulate San Francisco June 2, 2010

San Francisco Loves Israel. A diverse group gathered Wednesday June 2 in front of the Israeli Consulate in San Francisco to show solidarity with Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East. 20,000 people are expected later this week at "Israel in the Gardens", celebrating Israel's 62 years of democracy, diversity and innovation.

Thank you, BBJ for the event summary:

Israeli and U.S. flags waved over Montgomery Street in front of San Francisco’s Israeli consulate on Wednesday afternoon. Days after Israeli military personnel were attacked while boarding a ship bound to break the blockade of Gaza, activists gathered to express their support for peace, democracy and the State of Israel.

A diverse and lively crowd of about seventy-five held up signs declaring “Israel Wants Peace”, “Peace Begins With Recognizing Israel”, and “Stop Demonizing Israel”. Music for the event was provided by a local DJ, a Samoan-American lover of Israel and Israeli music with an enviable collection of Hebrew-language pop, techno and hip-hop. Young and old danced to the music and waved signs and flags.

Many in attendance contrasted the joyous, upbeat atmosphere with the previous day’s protest. On Tuesday, Israel’s supporters faced a large and hostile crowd gathered in front of the consulate. A day later, there was a celebratory vibe on Montgomery Street as the crowd waved their white and blue banners.


Anonymous said...

We are not Jewish, but my wife and I would both like to send a not of solidarity to our friends the Israeli people. Your country is a beacon of light in a rather dim part of the world. Keep the faith and may Godd bless Israel!!

Walter & Mickey

Anonymous said...

Solidarity with Israel !

Anonymous said...

that looks like a great turnout! i heard there was another protest on tuesday the 15th in sf as well? if so, where? see you there!

Anonymous said...

I love Israel. Enouge already with the Arabs who so-called Palestinians. Israel is my Land and, they occupaid me for over 2,000 years. Arabs, get out from Israel. Do you know where Palestine is? Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia,etc. Israel does have a rigth to exist and figth against terror. Long life to you, our State Of Israel. Baruch Ata Israel "Bless Are You, Israel".