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On Sunday morning, at five thirty, a number of anti-Israel activists gathered at on the Oakland docks to form a picket line to prevent the unloading of an Israeli ship.

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The only problem was that they picketed the wrong ship. It wasn’t an Israeli ship, but a Chinese ship. The Israeli ship didn’t arrive till evening.

QUOTE: “Some 500 anti-Israel protestors arrived at the Oakland, California port early Sunday morning, hoping to block an Israeli ship from unloading its cargo. However, the ship did not arrive, and the crowd prevented workers from unloading a Chinese ship instead.”


Proving that longshoremen aren't stupid, the dockworkers decided not to endanger themselves by tackling with the rabble.

QUOTE: "Free, free Palestine! Don't cross the picket line!" the picketers shouted – and in fact, the longshoremen chose not to clash with them, for fear of “getting into fistfights,” a union leader said. No one was arrested."

Smart move. Some of Dick Becker's cronies are undoubtedly diseased, in addition to being dim.


What's also very amusing is the varied reportage of the numbers. According to one article on Indymedia, over a thousand protestors showed up.
One thousand angry people. At five thirty in the morning. To protest an Israeli ship. Which wasn't there.

Pretty much the same source then avers that it was five hundred people. Or three hundred.

QUOTE 1: " This morning was the first half of a victory. 1,000 picketers from around the SF Bay. The first shift for unloading the Israeli ZIM Line ship was cancelled. "

QUOTE 2: " Just left the Oakland Docks where 300 people are blocking the entrances to two gates into the berth where the Israeli Zim cargo ship is to be unloaded. The action started this morning at 5:30am PST. The longshore workers are scheduled to start their shift at 7:00 and 8:00 am this morning. "

Source for BOTH quotes:

The photos accompanying the Indybay articles show about two hundred people:

Please note the Turkish flags. It would be interesting to find out whether the Bay Arae anti-Israel crowd now also has links to the Turkish government, in addition to their connections to Hamas, Hezbollah, as well as reported funding from the Saudis and Qatar, inter alia.

" ... Jess Ghannam of Free Palestine Alliance and Richard Becker of the ANSWER Coalition ... "

Most of the signs carried by the protestors were provided by International ANSWER (tel. 415-821-6545).

[Non-union disruption of legitimate commerce sponsored by: Labor/Community Committee in Solidarity with the Palestinian People: Arab American Union Members Council, ANSWER- Act Now to Stop War and End Racism, Palestine Youth Network, US Palestine Community Network, Al Awda- Right to Return Coalition, Arab Youth Organization, MECA-Middle East Children's Alliance, SJP-Students for Justice in Palestine, AROC-Arab Resource and Organizing Center, ISM-International Solidarity Movement, San Jose Peace and Justice Center, International Socialist Organization, Peace and Freedom Party – SF & Contra Costa Counties, Transport Workers Solidarity Committee, Bay Area US Labor Against the War, Bay Area Committee for Peace and Justice, Barrio Unido, Movement for Unconditional Amnesty for All Immigrant Workers, National Assembly to End the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars and Occupation, Friends of Deir Ibzi’a, Socialist Viewpoint, FMLN in Northern California, San Jose Justice for Palestinians, Code Pink – SF, World Can’t Wait – SF, International Action Center, Uhuru Solidarity Movement, Skyline Against Cuts, Industrial Workers of the World – SF, Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists, Social Justice Committee, Party for Socialism and Liberation, QUIT!- Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism, Fred Hirsch, Executive Board Member of Plumbers & Fitters Local 393 & Delegate to South Bay Labor Council, Progressive Democrats of the East Bay, La Voz de los Trabaja-dores, Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism – No. Calif., National Committee to Free the Cuban Five, and many labor activists in the Bay Area, and others. ]

Among the organizers, which also included all the usual Jew-haters, one group deserves especial notice: The Transport Workers Solidarity Committee - members of ILWU #34, 10, and 6. They include Railroad workers, Airline Mechanics , and Inboatmens Union, Ferry and Tug sailors affilated to the ILWU and the West Coast merchant seamen union.

Apparently none of these people actually knew when what boat was arriving where.

Not surprising, really - they tend to ignore facts.

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Anonymous said...

BDS Protestors Defy China on Occupation of Tibet

Can you believe it? Early Sunday morning a group of protestors formally obsessed solely with Israeli villainy showed up at the sea port in Oakland California and prevented a Chinese ship from being unloaded in protest of China’s illegal, decades-long occupation and repression of the people of Tibet.

Okay, okay. As it turns out, the group gathered to do their protest thing on an Israeli ship, not realizing that the ship where they picketed was actually owned by that wondrous bastion of rights and freedom, the People’s Republic of China (not that nefarious rogue Jewish state of Israel).

In another example of the surreal nature of BDS politics, the Internet is aglow with BDSers patting one another on the back for this successful “operation,” even if the actual ship they targeted didn’t arrive in port until hours after they left (where, I believe, it was unloaded without incident).

In other words, this Potemkin protest was not about actually accomplishing anything beyond getting some credulous media to portray events as the divestors wanted, all so they could continue to dwell in their fantasy world where, unlike the real world, the BDSers are relevant to anyone but themselves.