Tuesday, June 1, 2010


From the nation that sent a higher proportion of its Jews and Gypsies to the gas chambers than any other - the nation that had, percentage-wise, more Nazi collaborators than even the French and Ukrainians, the nation whose police forces and train systems co-operated FULLY with the occupying Germans, in fact the nation whose volunteers flocked to the SS standards in droves to fight on the Eastern Front, comes this:

The Netherlands calls for Gaza inquiry, Dutch activists in Israeli jail
Tuesday 01 June 2010

The Netherlands has called for an inquiry into the attack by Israeli forces on an aid convoy heading for the Gaza Strip in which at least 10 people are reported dead.

'I want the Israeli ambassador in The Hague to clarify matters,' foreign affairs minister Maxime Verhagen said in a statement. 'I am extremely shocked that people have been killed. The Netherlands wants to know exactly how this happened.'

'What has happened today, just as talks were beginning between Israel and the Palestinians, will not bring peace any closer,' he said.


MPs from across the political spectrum, even those traditionally supportive of Israel, have said they were shocked by Israel's actions.

'Everything points to the fact that it is not right what Israel has done,' the Volkskrant reports VVD MP Atzo Nicolai as saying. Unless Israel comes up with a convincing story, an international inquiry will be unavoidable, he said.

However, PVV MP Geert Wilders said it is 'cheap' to attack Israel. 'I am certainly not going to make a cheap attack on Israel by howling in the woods with the rest of the wolves,' he told tv show Nova.

Israel was fully justified in entering the ships to see if they were also carrying weapons, he said.


Meanwhile, the two Dutch nationals travelling with the convoy are being held in the Be'er Sheva prison in the south of Israel. They are among almost 500 activists who have been taken into custody.

According to the news agency ANP, 29-year-old Anne de Jong and 43-year-old Amin Abou Rashed have been offered a fast-track deportation procedure but have refused because they want to complete their mission.

According to the BBC, Israel has imposed an information blackout, making it difficult to gather first-hand accounts from the campaigners.


Between 300 and 500 people held a demonstration in The Hague on Monday night in protest at the commandos' action. But they were prevented from gathering in front of the Israel embassy because the Buitenhof square had been closed off.

The crowd carried banners and chanted 'Israel murderer'. At one point riot police charged the crowd with batons. Gretta Duisenberg, pro-Palestine activist and widow of former central bank chief Wim Duisberg was among those who was hit.

Benji de Levie, 63, who was standing next to Duisenberg, told the Volkskrant he had been trying to avoid a confrontation with the police. He said he had been hit several times.

Editors note, we have been forced to disable comments for this article because of a large number of incitements to violence and racial hatred from both sides of the argument.

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SOURCE: http://www.dutchnews.nl/news/archives/2010/06/the_netherlands_calls_for_gaza.php

Remember, this is the country whose hands are stained with the blood of Africans, Indonesians, Native Americans, Taiwanese, Ceylonese, and Surinamers.
These are the people whose commercial acumen caused unimaginable human suffering for half a millennium.
This is the country that with ruthless bureaucratic efficiency eliminated over eighty percent of a community which had lived there for centuries, who had been told that they were as Dutch as anybody else, an intrinsic and essential part of society.
This is the country where Americans, Jews, Turks, and Moroccans are universally despised, loathed, and, frequently, discriminated against.

[Ja ja, kan ik weten - ik heb daar namelijk gewoond, en heb mij tevens grondig in de Nederlandsche geschiedenis verdiept. Dat was weliswaar dertig jaren terug, maar ik heb nog een walging aan die 'brave 'Ollanders'. Niet allen, maar wel velen. Miereneukende azijnzijkers en etterkotsers, die gasten, echt. Een verachtelijk achterbaks stel betweters en schijnheiligaards waar zelfs hun buren de pest aan hebben.]



The political spectrum = A large number of far-left factions, a large number of far-right factions, and much self-righteous garbage in between.
Traditionally supportive of Israel = Dutch support equates, usually, to back-stabbing, when they aren’t enthusiastically trading with the enemy. Their support for Israel is actually a transparent attempt to keep on the good side of the Americans, who are their major trading partner.
Volkskrant = A yellow rag newspaper which during the Vietnam war inspired more anti-Americanism than one would have thought possible anywhere in Europe. I stil unfondly remember their hate-filled editorials, the humourless "cartoons" of Nixon that made him look like a daemon with a penis for a nose, and their smarmy “we’re far better than the Yanks and Jews” contributors. It is very popular.
ANP = Pravda-West. Algemene Nederlandsche Pers ('General Dutch Press'), which is where you will find polished liars and propagandists. They are known for sensationalism, self-serving hypocrisy, and quislingism.
During the cold-war, they served largely as the mouth-piece of hatred for America, while posting opinionated windbags to Washington to ‘re-interpret’ American politics for a biased small-minded public.
Gretta Duisenberg = Notorious anti-Israel activist who has cleverly skirted the Dutch laws about inciting racial hatred, and has pushed the limits of free-speech. She considers being called an 'anti-Semite' to be an honour. Her spiteful confrontations with Jews are almost legendary, her vile statements about Zionists controlling the Yanks, the banks, and the press rank with Der Sturmer in intensity.
Like Pieter Menten, the Dutch establishment actively protects and defends her as one of their own.
People like her are useful – especially when you want plausible deniability while slamming Israel or America. "We didn't say it, she did".


Anonymous said...

Dutch "peace activist" was Hamas leader

The Dutch newspaper "De Telegraaf" indicates that Amin Abou Rashed was associated with Hamas:

"Rashed is the leader of Hamas in the Netherlands," said one intelligence source. "He went under an alias, Amin Abou Ibrahim, in several intelligence reports. He worked for the notorious Dutch al-Aqsa Foundation, which was suspected of fundraising for the terrorist organization Hamas....[He was also connected to the] Holy Land Foundation, a charitable organization notorious in America for funding Hamas.

Anonymous said...

Nice notes you have there, too bad its nothing but a biased and racist opinion. Getting a little upset about the ongoing islamic propaganda as of lately? Nice to see you're doing the same aswell. So upset about the islamic propaganda lies while doing the exact same thing about the dutch. Next time post hard facts especially when it comes to ww2.
It is disgusting to read that you hold the dutch responsible for transporting the jews, while it was the germans and only the germans who wanted this and made it happen. Nice to see that you simply left out the fact that even more dutch than jews died during that ww2. And how convenient you left out the fact that a percentage says nothing. Didnt you pay attention at math class? Have you forgotten that our army was defeated within 5 days, because they werent even prepared for the war? That the army was in no way a match for the massive german invasion and while they fought brave the germans totally destroyed one of the largest cities in a massive bombing? I quess its convenient to leave all that out.
Let me make one thing clear, most of the dutch were against the nazi's. And now even try to disgrace the dutch people by almost calling us anti-semite? You really disgust me!!!

And a nice racist dutch sentence you've put in there. "jaja ik kan het weten" seriously, stop talking utter nonsense.

It's also disgusting to read that we only use jews just to get on the good side with the americans. People like yourself are the ones who are not here for truth but to spew utter nonsense and lies. You should be ashamed of yourself.

The back of the hill said...

Beste betwetend stuk Nederlandsche treif,
[My dear knowitall piece of Dutch crap, ]

Hoezo racist? Zijn die verachtelijke Kaaskoppen nu een ras? Dat zou ik nooit geraden hebben, daar de NSBers hun altoos als gewoon Germanen bestempelden.
[In what way racist? Are the despicable Cheeseheads now a race? I would never have guessed that, as the NSBers always insisted that they were just Germanics.]

En inderdaad, het waren de Nederlanders die de Joden voor de Duitsers met namen en addressen hebben verraden, de Nederlanders die in opdracht van de Duitsers hun arresteerden, de Nederlandsche bankiers en bureaucraten die Joden beroofden, de Nederlandsche spoorweg ambtenaren en employees die hun de karren in gepropt hebben en op zeer efficiente en uitstekend uitgevoerde manier transporteerden, de Nederlanders die hun terugkeer zuur onthaalden en slechts onder dwang een uiterst gering gedeelte van het gestolene erug gaven.
[And indeed, it was the Dutch who betrayed the Jews with names and addresses, the Dutch who on behalf of the Germans arrested them, the Dutch bankers and bureaucrats who robbed them, the Dutch railway officials and employees who jammed them into the wagons and very efficiently and with thoroughness transported them, the Dutch who gave them a sour welcome on their return and only under duress returned a minimal portion of that which was stolen.]

Dat er kaaskoppen tijdens de oorlog stierven klopt. Velen van hun waren NSBers en SS leden. Anderen werden, door mede Nederlanders, net zo verraden als de Joden.
[That there were Cheesheads who died during the war is correct. Many were NSBers and SS members. Others were, like the Jews betrayed by their fellow Dutch.]

Ulieden vochten nauwelijks. Maar colaboreerden als bezetenen.
[You lot hardly fought. But collaborated like mad.]

En dat ulieden de Amerikanen in de reet kruipen is een feit. Dat is een bekwaamheid van uw politici. Maar betrouwbare bondgenoten? Nauwelijks.
[And that you lot kiss up to the Americans is a fact. That’s a particular specialty of your politicians. But reliable allies? Hardly.]

De enige Nederlanders met wie ik in zeer grotendele sympathie heb zijn Indos. Maar ja, die hebben jullie OOK als dreck behandeld; hun ontvang was in grotendele net zo zuur als dat van de teruggekeerde Joden.
[The only Dutch people for whom I largely have sympathy are the Indo-Dutch. But heck, you guys treated them like shit too; their reception was, in a large part, just as sour as that of the returned Jews.]

Anonymous said...

thank you for this reaction, which clearly shows you have a racist and biased opinion based on halftruths or lies.It has no point to start a debate, you clearly think you know the thruth already. Hatred and racism doesn't make you tough and it is once again very clear that you are a racist.

The back of the hill said...

Anonymous, you are a moron.

The Dutch are not a race.

My opinion of them is based on having lived there for several years, dealt with them frequently since then, and reading their newspapers, blogs, fora, and opinions on a daily basis, as well as knowing the history of the Netherlands (and the rest of Europe) far better than most Dutch - which should not be surprising, given that I am a descendent of New Amsterdammers, and have many more Dutch Calvinists in the family than any other form of Christianity, or even any other religion.

Again, you are a moron. The Dutch are not a race. They're just a rather rotten bunch of Eurotrash.

The back of the hill said...

And by the way, Anonymous Dutch person, you will REALLY object to this post: http://proisraelbaybloggers.blogspot.com/2010/06/dutch-terrorist-in-israeli-cell-finally.html
Clickable LINK.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for showing it once more, discussion is not a word you seem to understand. You rather like to insult, well better said try to insult, like a little kid and think you're better than everyone else.

The back of the hill said...

You're very welcome. And thank you for your staggering lack of reading comprehension, as well as your inability to understand that I have no intention of discussing matters with a person like yourself.

Your type, quite frankly, disgust me. I've had more than enough exposure to people like you while living in the Netherlands.
And yes, I do like insulting you - turnaround is fair play.
Forty years of putting up with vicious anti-American shit from arrogant Cheeseheads rather does sour one on treating any of them like humans.

Anonymous said...

regarding that last link, why should i object? To my knowlegde i haven't said anything what my standpoints are regarding this whole flotilla thing. As a matter of fact, i despise what is happening and condemming purely based on speculation. Let me make one thing clear, I myself along with alot of fellow countrymen, stronly belief that this was a setup to demonise (spelling?) the Israelians even further. I do however am for a transparent investigation, that means for me that without bias and not jumping to conclusions too fast. In this case, the way too early condemnation by the whole world.

The back of the hill said...

Aha! Now we're getting somewhere! And regarding what you said about a transparent investigation without bias and apriori conclusions, we are in complete agreement.

Regarding the Dutch, well, we'll have to agree to disagree. My perspective is as a permanent and bitter outsider, whereas you, as (I presume) an insider in that nationality will probably not be able to see things from the same or even a similar point of view.

Dat betekent overigens niet dat ik alle Nederlanders onder hetzelfde etiket wil plakken. Edoch, ik zal Nederlanders over het algemeen wel behandelen en kritizeren op precies dezelfde wijze als Nederlanders de Amerikanen, Joden, en Israeliers doen. Zoals in het commentaar onder Nederlandsche artiekelen en meningstukken op het internet te lezen valt.

Zoals ene Billie Shakespeare ooit schreef: “If you prick us, do we not bleed? if you tickle us, do we not laugh? if you poison us, do we not die? and if you wrong us, shall we not revenge? If we are like you in the rest, we will resemble you in that”

Precisely so. Dus dat.

Met groeten.

Anonymous said...

Let me correct myself, i should have used the word discrimination instead of racism, thats what happens sometimes when writing in a foreign language and mixup words.

Anonymous said...

Let me correct myself, i should have used the word discrimination instead of racism, thats what happens sometimes when writing in a foreign language and mixup words.

The back of the hill said...

In that case what you said does make a lot more sense.

I will readily admit bias against the Dutch. I had expected more and better from my now distant kin.
Like many Americans, I am obsessed with my own descent group and the country where my ancestors originated - but unlike most, I do not look at them with rose-tinted glasses.

Sometimes they are too close for comfort. At other times, not nearly distant enough.

Anonymous said...

well, when i read your story i felt i was being put in the same category and felt you were very bitter in your opinion. Whatever the reason for that is i don't know, hence i threw out the racism part (which should have been discrimination). The majority are just not like that and in my honest opinion i didn't think it was fair.
You have absolutly the right to criticise the dutch, just as i am sometimes criticising the american foreign politics. We definatly are not saints, one look in history which you already are aware of will show that. But alot has changed and for many years the Dutch were a very tolerant country, sadly that is changing all around europe and also in the Netherlands. And that's why it doesn't anyone good to demonise a whole country. I am not responsible for what politicians do and like i said, i do sometimes not agree with american foreign politics, but i don't hold the american people responsible for that. To me, politics is a shady "business" and it is misused to suit the best interest for that country, no matter what the cost.

But i really want to ask you a question, because i don't really have that feeling to be honest, what gives you the idea that Dutch politics are anti-israel (or did i make a wrong conclusion?). From what i see is we've been fairly neutral throughout the years when it comes the whole palestinian conflict. I think the Israelians have the fullest right to defend themselves and retaliate, but i also notice that too many civillians are the victim. So from that point of view, i don't really see why being critic to stay neutral and try to have peace for both sides is a wrong thing?

The back of the hill said...

The majority are just not like that and in my honest opinion i didn't think it was fair.

Personally I think that a majority are indeed hypercritical of Israel - but that would a majority of those who actually have an opinion about Israel and are paying attention to the Middle-East. Dutch news sources frequently single out Israel, while ignoring other far worse incidents and conflicts. It's a double standard which is quite common. Part of it is, perhaps, inverse racism - we expect much better from people who are like us (which is exactly why I tend to be hypercritical of the Dutch).

For many years the Dutch were a very tolerant country

They still are. But Dutch tolerance is not an acceptance of the other so much as apathetic 'toleration'; the other can be as different as it wants to be as long as they do that in private. Underneath that tolerance is an echo of Calvinist predestinationism - "of course others aren't of the elect, therefore it is pointless to impose the same standards on them, as it will not get them any closer to the elected state". Subconscious, probably. But bred into the Dutch bone. It's part of the Dutch mentality.

I do sometimes not agree with american foreign politics

See? You are far from perfect - most of us disagree with American foreign politics 99% of the time! The past ten years have been particularly disagreeable.

What gives you the idea that Dutch politics are anti-israel

Lets nuance that. Dutch government politics are slightly more anti-Israel on social issues, but as regards relations with Israel, Dutch international relations show a pro-Israel tendency, albeit coupled with frequent unhelpful criticism.
Socially, however, the anti-Israel side in the Netherlands is very noticeable, very strident, very vocal. And this is also reflected on the internet. The politics at the top tends towards a diplomatic 'ja maar nee mits' equivocation, the politics at the bottom show signs of bias, bigotry, and anti-Semitism.
Many Dutch do not get involved in the discussion - preferring to avoid conflict - which mutes if not completely stills the pro-Israel voices.
People like Anja Meulenbelt, Gretta Duisenberg, van Bommel et al, tend to dominate the discourse in the near-silence of others.

We've been fairly neutral throughout the years

As a nation, yes. Though I would say that 'neutral' is subject to interpretation. As a people, no. The Dutch have loud opinions which they are not shy about sharing. Even when the opinion is wrong. So the anti-Israel pro-Palestinian side has a huge number of Dutch voices. At times, very blinkered Dutch voices.

But I also notice that too many civilians are the victim

Well, it is a war zone, and the Palestinians in the main are not doing anything to change that. Neither are their Arab and European supporters. Civilian deaths are always regrettable...., but not all 'civilians' are civilians.

Largely the Israeli forces try not to involve their civilians (or the Palestinian civilians), whereas the Palestinians deliberately involve theirs (as well as the Israeli civilians). This is precisely what Mao TseTung advised guerillas to do. Separating the civilians on both sides out is something that only the Israelis want. That is why at Jenin they went house to house - though at the time, the international press (including the Dutch newspapers) spoke of a deliberate Jewish massacre of thousands, tens of thousands, of Arab civilians. There were even rumours that thousands of innocent people had been summarily executed.

The back of the hill said...

So from that point of view, i don't really see why being critic to stay neutral and try to have peace for both sides is a wrong thing?

Peace on both sides is indeed desirable. And on both sides there are people trying to achieve precisely that.
But what sabotages progress is internal Palestinian politics – even though it isn’t necessarily a flaw of the Palestinians themselves.
All Arab politics is proxy politics to a certain extent; each Arab political clique funds and encourages its satellites elsewhere - other countries, other regiosn, and even outside the Arab world entirely. In Lebanon during the civil war, each of the militias received funds and materiel from a multitude of outside sources. Today in almost every Arab country, opposition groups and revolutionary organizations also receive money and tools from outside parties. So also with the Palestinians.
More than most “peoples” they are subject to outside interference: funds from extremists in Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, etcetera. Pressure from Arab politicians. Propaganda blasts from every newspaper and media outlet in the Arab world. Fatawa to kill infidels, execute those who trade or negotiate with Jews, urges to violently take back the Haram es-Sharif, shipments of weapons to fight each other as well as the Jews and Americans.
If peace ever becomes likely, you can count on an Arab nation deciding that it won’t be in their interest – and promptly creating an incident. If a local Palestinian faction doesn’t do so first.

Despite all that, I think peace is not only possible, but also probable. It may take a few more years.