Friday, June 18, 2010

Cold Chicken in the Desert

This email was just received from local anti-Israel organizers:

To gain insight into the US-Israeli sadistic policy of siege against the Palestinian people, below is a list of prohibited items in May 2010:

sage, cardamom, cumin, coriander, ginger, jam, halva, vinegar, nutmeg, chocolate, fruit preserves, seeds and nuts, biscuits and sweets, potato chips, gas for soft drinks, dried fruit, fresh meat, plaster, tar, wood for construction, cement, iron, glucose, industrial salt, plastic/glass/metal containers, industrial margarine, tarpaulin sheets for huts, fabric for clothing, flavor and smell enhancers, fishing rods, , various fishing nets, buoys, ropes for fishing, nylon nets for greenhouses, hatcheries and spare parts for hatcheries, spare parts for tractors, dairies for cowsheds, irrigation pipe systems, ropes to tie greenhouses, planters for saplings, heaters for chicken farms, musical instruments, size A4 paper, writing implements, notebooks, newspapers, toys, razors, sewing machines and spare parts, heaters, horses, donkeys, goats, cattle, chicks.

No heaters for chicken farms????
No heaters for chicken farms!!!!

Does that mean cold chickens?
Truly sadistic. Inhumane. Brutal. Genocidal.
Cold chicken in the desert.
This cannot be. Quick. Form a vigil at Barbara Lees office.
Write Letters to the editor.
Vandalize Israeli food.
Ignore the 2,000 Uzbeckis killed this week and the 400,000 fleeing for their lives.
There are cold chickens in Gaza.


Anonymous said...

Ah say we all write to PETA and express our complete indignation regarding the shivering chickies of Gaza.

Foghorn Leghorn

Rate Baphael Kender said...

Oh, the humanity!

Anonymous said...

there is a debate on russia today posted on youtube, where the rep of unrwa says that because only 2 of 3 elevators in a hospital are working, that is proof of a humanitarian crisis in gaza

and why do the gazans need chicken heaters? i thought the israelis killed all the chickens during cast lead?

btw, if you go down this list notice how many items that many american liberals would love banned to prevent childhood obesity

israel should be commended for caring about the health of the gazans

Anonymous said...

Check out the Al Jezeera youtube footage of a gaza grocerystore

Anonymous said...

I'm still intrigued by the necessity for heaters at the edge of the Negev desert!

Devorah said...

I love it. Poor Gazans. When you kidnap in Gaza and protest the government, you're denied chocolate. When you protest the government in Hamas, you're denied your limbs.

Also, let's not forget that right next door to us, in Mexico, 9000 people are slaughtered in a year over drug gangs. USA could care less. But terrorists in Gaza! Send the relief boats!