Saturday, March 12, 2022

More Dispatches from the "Apartheid State". Arab Muslim on Israel's Supreme Court

The Judicial Selection Committee recently appointed four new justices to Israel's Supreme Court. The four are Judge Khaled Kabub, Judge Ruth Ronen, Judge Gila Kanfei-Steinitz and Yechiel Kasher, an  attorney in the private sector. Kabub is the first Arab Muslim appointed to the Supreme Court, although there have been Arab Christians on the high court in the past. 

There's a local angle, too.   (There's always a local angle) Justice Khaled Kabub is a graduate of UC Berkeley.

Justice Kabub is a graduate of the Tel Aviv‐Berkeley Executive Program which brings Israeli lawyers, judges and policymakers to study at UC Berkeley and complete their LL.M. (masters). The program is coordinated with Tel Aviv University’s Buchmann Faculty of Law. There are two semesters taught in Israel with a third  is taught on the Berkeley campus. 

Lets remember this when Berkeley's Bears for Palestine and SJP accuse Israel of Apartheid later this month.

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