Thursday, March 5, 2020

Paul Larudee struggles for relevance: One "Democratic" state in Palestine

Paul Larudee continues to struggle for relevance. After the failure of his various high profile ventures (Flotillas, Flytillas, global marches), the poor man may be forced to return to piano tuning.

Pal Larudee in happier times
His newest venture, "One Democratic state in Palestine" flies in the face of the the Palestinians' own desires.  Less than 20% of Palestinian surveyed are interested in a democratic state where Jews and Arabs have equal rights.

The mailing address of this new "movement"  is 
One State Assembly
405 Vista Heights Rd.
El Cerrito, CA 94530

Its no a coincidence that the address of the "Assembly" is Paul's own home in the verdant hills overlooking San Francisco Bay.  This new  "organization" shares the address and the taxpayer ID number  (20-5516191 )with the Iranian born activists' other ventures, including the:

Free Palestine Movement
Serena Shim Award for Uncompromised Integrity in Journalism
International Solidarity Movement
Syria Solidarity Movement
The Palestine Children's Welfare Fund

The shared goals and points of unity of Paul's affiliated organizations include the destruction of Israel, the regions only democracy, and the increasing the regional hegemony of the Iranian mullahs.

The Taxpayer ID number is registered as belonging to the  "Association for Investment in Popular Action Committees" and is listed as an "Educational" organization

The group's demands:

One state in all of Palestine
Equal rights for all
Restoration of all property to those who lost it
Return of all refugees to their homes

Ironically, the group demands of "resisting"  the expansion of a "racist, single-ethnic society.", which if realized, would thwart the Palestinian's deepest desire.

Wishing Paul as much success in this latest venture, as in all of his previous ones.

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