Tuesday, November 26, 2019

The death of terrorist Sami Abu Diak

Sami Abu Diak was convicted in 2002 of carrying out a terror attack near Jenin that led to the deaths of three Arabs who had been suspected of collaborating with Israel. Sentenced to 3 consecutive life sentences for voluntary manslaughter and kidnapping he recently succumbed to intestinal cancer. The Palestinians have declared a "Day of Rage" in this memory.

The lies surrounding Abu Diak's life and death are proliferating across social media.

Abu Diak underwent several surgeries at Israeli taxpayer expense (confirmed by the Arab propaganda site Jadaliyya) and had been hospitalized for four years
Abu Diak is currently suffering from advanced stages of bowel cancer, as well as renal and pulmonary failure. In 2015, he was urgently transferred to Israel’s Soroka Medical Center where he suffered poisoning as a result of misdiagnosis and a medical error. This medical negligence led to the removal of 80cm of his intestines and he was consequently diagnosed with kidney and pulmonary failure.

Palestinian agitprop sites are evenly divided as to whether Sami Abu Diak died alone and in prison, or alone while in the hospital.  They are in unanimous agreement however, that his death of  colorectal cancer was Israel's fault.

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Gary Fouse said...

Colorectal cancer, eh? I always knew he was a flaming A-Hole.