Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Dutch Treat #tipvanmieke

Its enough to made a BDS'er drink heavily.

Earlier this week, BDS hole and Electronic Intifada contributor Mieke Zagt posted a photo of an Israeli wine display at the Hema Dutch grocery store on Twitter, claiming the wines were from "occupied Palestinian lands". 

Ummm. No.
The Efrat Winery is located in Tsor'a, well within the green line.

The reaction to Zagt's post was buycott classic.  People flocked to the stores to buy wine, and filled social media with selfies, using the hashtag  #tipvanmieke

Within hours, #tipvanmieke was trending on Dutch Twitter, and the Hema stores sold out of the wine.

Via the Dutch Paper DeTelegraaf,  and google translate

Thats the way you do it.  Buycott Israeli wines and all Israeli products, and spread that BDS fail sunshine, all over the world.

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