Saturday, December 15, 2018

Pallywood exposed: Another Palestinian blood libel debunked

Welcome to Pallywood.

This photo is making the rounds, with the claim that this 4 year old was shot by Israelis on his way to school.


The truth is far different.  This unfortunate child was hit by a car, and his photo was shamelessly exploited by teams of Israel- haters, unburdened by the constraint of truth or fact-checking.  Hundreds of times

Exposed by blogger IsraellyCool:  
Latest Libel: The 4-Year-Old Boy Shot By The IDF

Learn the truth. 

Expose the lies.  


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

just like trump supporters from the hard right left wing radicals don't care about facts or the truth either. those of us who support Israel but are socially left of center need to reach out to the more moderate elements of the democratic party that are mmore favorable to Israel

An eye opener said...

Issa Nakhleh: Holocaust denier, Hitler's canard - recycler, pushing Neo-Nazi inventions on WW2, and long time agitator in S. America