Saturday, December 15, 2018

Palestinian child receives heart transplant in Israel

Dispatches from Israel, the failed apartheid state.

In October, a  desperately-ill six-month-old Palestinian baby received a heart transplant from a Jewish child at Israel’s Sheba Hospital in Ramat Gan. It was the first time the hospital had transplanted a heart to such a young child

Doctors in Ramallah had sent the boy, Musa, to Israel's Sheba’s Safra Children’s Hospital for treatment.

Dr David Mishaly, chief surgeon at Sheba’s paediatric and congenital heart surgery unit, said: “There were several miracles associated with this complicated surgery. There is no such thing in the Palestinian Authority as an organ donor or organ waiting list.
“While organ donor and waiting lists exist in Israel, there was no Israeli baby on the waiting list when Musa was brought to Sheba in very critical condition.
“But by a miracle, Musa was able to receive a new heart from a Jewish child, whose parents had agreed a few hours earlier to the donation.”
Jewish child's heart is donated in effort to save Palestinian baby's life

Palestinian baby clings to life after heart transplant from Israeli child

Sadly, the baby died shortly after the surgery.

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