Saturday, March 10, 2018

Open Promotion of Terrorist Organization at San Francisco State University

The PFLP is an internationally recognized terror group, responsible for terror attacks across the globe.
From the Global Security website:

  • July 22, 1968. PFLP hijacked its first plane, an El Al flight from Rome to Tel Aviv.
  • September 1970. PFLP hijacked three passenger planes and took them to airfields in Jordan, where the PLO was then based; after the planes were emptied, the hijackers blew them up. In response, King Hussein of Jordan decided that Palestinian radicals had gone too far and drove the PLO out of his kingdom.
  • 1972. PFLP and Japanese Red Army gunmen murdered two dozen passengers at Israel's international airport in Lod. Okudaira and two other Japanese radicals were trained and sent by the PFLP into Israel to perpetrate what is now called the Lod Airport massacre in May 1972. It is likely that the three men were not members of any well~established organization in Japan, but rather individuals who were motivated by the goals of the PFLP in combating Israel. PFLP spokesman in June 1972 readily admitted that the PFLP had trained and dispatched the Japanese terrorists on the Lod mission.
  • 1973. On 20 July 1973 a combined JRA-PFLP group hijacked a Japan Airlines (JAL) Boeing 747 as it departed Amsterdam's international airport. The aircraft was hijacked by five terrorists, who included both Palestinians and members of the leftist Japanese Red Army. 87 hours after the hijack began, the aircraft landed at Banghazi and was set on fire and ultimately destroyed. One of the hijackers was killed by her own grenade.
  • 1976. breaking a PLO agreement to end terrorism outside Israeli-held territory, PFLP members joined with West German radical leftists from the Baader-Meinhof Gang to hijack an Air France flight bound for Tel Aviv and landed the plane in Entebbe, Uganda. In a now famous raid, Israeli commandos stormed the plane on the Entebbe tarmac and freed the hostages.
  • October 2001. PFLP gunmen shot dead Iraeli Tourism minister Rechavam Ze'evi, in a Jerusalem hotel-the first assassination of an Israeli minister
  • April 2002, Israeli officials foiled a PFLP attempt to blow up a Tel Aviv skyscraper with a car bomb-which could have caused massive casualties and would have marked a dramatic escalation in Palestinian terrorism.
  • February 16, 2002 - Suicide bombing at Karnei Shomron pizzeria, in which three people were killed and 30 wounded.
  • May 19, 2002 - Suicide bombing at Netanya outdoor market, in which three people were killed and about 60 wounded.
  • June 20, 2002 - Terrorist infiltration of Itamar, in which five were killed - including a mother and her three sons - and eight wounded.
  • December 25, 2003 - Suicide bombing at the Geha junction, in which four people were killed and over 20 wounded.
Recently,  Palestinian associated with the PLFP terror group murdered 5 Rabbis with meat cleavers and axes as they prayed in Jerusalem on November 18 2014. A sixth victim, a Druze Israeli policeman was also killed.

The logo of the PFLP leaves no doubt of their goal-  the eventual takeover of all of Israel, from the "river to the sea"

Why is GUPS , the General Union of Palestinian Students at taxpayer supported San Francisco State University openly promoting this terrorist organization on their Facebook page?

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Classic pro Nazi liar pinning racism label on others: ISSA NAKHLEH radical Arab, "author" of fraudulent propaganda, of so called "Palestine encyclopedia." He wrote to Canadian Fuhrer A. Arcand in 1963; in Nov.14.1972, less than 3 decades of the Holocaust this vile hater said Hitler didn't kill... that the millions are supposedly "alive." Repeated it at 1978 to disrupt Israel-Egypt peace summit at Camp David; worked with/wrote for Neo-Nazis; in 1981 lectured at infamous IHR on behalf of Muslim Congress; defended holocaust denier Ditlieb.