Saturday, February 24, 2018

Jewish Professor at U.C. Berkleley receives anti-Semitic death threat

U.C. Berkeley has had more than its share of anti-Semitic incidents. There have been anti-semitic flyers, swastikas carved into doors,  grotesque graffitti, and most recently, anti-Semitic tweets from  Cal Lecturer Hatem Bazian.  This weeks incident is just one in a series of attacks on the Cal Jewish community.

Earlier this week, a threatening message calling for the death of a Jewish professor was posted outside their Kroeber Hall office.

From the DailyCal, the student newspaper
Benjamin Brinner, faculty director for the Center for Jewish studies, said he received reports that the incident involved an anti-Semitic message posted outside of the office of a Jewish professor. Brinner said he believes this was especially disturbing as the threatening messages called for the death of a teacher.
“The message mentioned Hitler and called for killing the professor, using an extremely racist epithet for ‘Jew,’ ” Brinner said.
Brinner said he knows more students who have been affected by hate-related incidents like this than teachers, but he added that this type of anti-Semitic attacks is a “particularly ugly manifestation” of attack and is an ongoing problem.
“In instances such as this, the target is an individual; in other instances, a swastika or some other offensive statement is posted in a public place,” Brinner said.

U.C. Berkeley's police department is investigating the incident.

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