Thursday, August 17, 2017

Alameda Synagogue Vandalized

“There’s no question that they did this because it was a synagogue"

Reported in the J weekly

Police in Alameda are investigating what appears to be vandalism at Temple Israel in Alameda.

At about 6pm on Aug. 17, congregational president Genevieve Pastor-Cohen sent an email letter to the congregation stating, “in the morning, it was discovered that two classroom windows had been smashed,” and noting that police and Harbor Bay Security had been notified.

“During our Weds. Aug 16th Board of Directors meeting, we discussed the possibility of our synagogue being a target in our small town of Alameda especially with the ongoing expression of bigotry and anti-Semitism,” the letter continued. “It breaks my heart and soul to be exposed to this type of mindless and senseless action especially aimed at the community I (we) love.”

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Shattered windows at Alameda's Temple Israel

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