Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Richard Horton of the Lancet does teshuvah

The once venerable British Medical journal Lancet and its editor, Richard Horton have been taken to task in the past for publishing a letter filled with “concealments, half-truths, and distortions that revealed the biases of its authors and signatories” regarding Israel’s conflict with Gaza.

After the controversial document was published, Lancet editor Richard Horton, was invited to Israel to meet with medical professionals at Rambam hospital.

This is why the anti-Israel forces fear normalization the most of all.

This week Richard Horton made good on his regrets for publishing the biased and controversial article, writing

We have learned lessons from this unfortunate episode. Our collaboration seeks to undo the harm and tarnish of this episode by transforming these experiences to constructive practice.

The May 8 2017 issue of The Lancet features ten articles written by Israel doctors and researchers, on topics as diverse as treating the casualties of the Syrian civil war, digital health innovation, and maternal and child health.

Horton writes:

We have identified several determinants of Israel’s advancement in health, including articulation of a clear vision, national purpose, and long term commitment that seeks to take the health of its citizens seriously; a multi-ethnic population that brings diversity and energy to national progress: a political democracy, which is characterized by robust debate and discussion about the nation’s future; national legislation governing cardinal health-care processes: cultural and religious histories that respect and revere scholarship, learning, research and charitable donation; and expanding economy. with recent but increasing appreciation of the economic, social, and political underpinnings of health and health inequities, a strong base of support from the Diaspora Jewish community ;and a strong desire for acceptance by the international community in key areas, especially science and health.

“The special issue on Israel will not be a one-time project,” Horton said. “It is the beginning of a close partnership.”

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