Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Arabs fiddle while Israel burns

Heavy winds and dry conditions are driving wildfires across Israel. Some of them are suspected to be the result of arson. Israel is struggling to save property and save lives, and is planning on asking for firefighting assistance from Greece, Croatia, Cyprus.

In the meanwhile, trending first in the world under the Arabic hashtag is    (Israel burns).

Its celebratory.
For a land they claim is holy to their people, the Arabs of the world are thrilled to see the devastation. There isn't a moments thought about the million Arabs living in Israel, or to the potential ecological devastation to the region. 
Hate lit the match, and hate continues to fan the flames.


Anonymous said...

From the Times of Israel:

Israel also received rapid assistance from allies nearby, including firefighting planes from Russia, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece and Turkey. At a reported cost of $1.5 million, the US “SuperTanker” firefighter was also making its way to Israel and was expected late on Friday.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

ya know this reminds me of when saddam insane during the first persian gulf war ordered his military as they retreated from coalition forces to set ablaze all the kuwaiti oil fields. the move had very little if any battle field tactical benefits and was a massive environmental disaster it always seemed more to me like an act of spite then anything else. the palis with this scorched earth arson terror bullshit is to me more of the same sort of infantile mentality so prevalent in the arab world. i'm not at all a trump fan but if he at least manages to keep his campaign promises to Israel then i will find his presidency a bit easier to stomach. let's get these terrorists, move the US embassy to Jerusalem and once and for all put a fork in the two state delusion. dealing with ruthless business people is one thing but you can't apply "The Art of The Deal" when you're dealing with fucken animals.