Friday, August 19, 2016

Jerusalem, if I forget you. JVP Rabbi David Mivasair's failure to fact check

They're not making rabbis like they used too. From a  tweet by  "Rabbi" David Mivasair of the JVP Rabbinic council

The link goes to this page.

Yep. An ostensibly Jewish Rabbi has linked to a page that declares "Al-Quds is core of Islamic Ummah"

If David Mivasair had done 5 seconds worth of fact checking, he would know that photo has been in use since at least 2012. If he had done 10 seconds worth of fact checking, he'd know that photo is not an "uprooted tree"- it is a pruned tree.

Failure to fact check. Linking to sites abhorrent to the Jewish people.  All in a days work for a member of the Jewish voice for Peace Rabbinic Council.


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

a group called the "Jewish voice for peace rabbinic council" sounds even less genuine then "united nations human rights council". you've all seen that photo that's all over the news of that shell shocked syrian boy with the blood all over his face right? don't be too surprised if that photo surfaces some where in the not too distant future with the claim that photo a being a palestinian boy in gaza.

ketzel said...

Apparently, the photographer of Omran has been linked to the terrorists who beheaded a little boy in a previous viral photo.