Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Barack Obama is No Friend to the Jewish People or the Jewish State


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It cannot be emphasized enough that the Obama administration is generally hostile to Israel and, perhaps more importantly, has acted in ways that have hurt that country by eliminating any possibility for a peaceful conclusion of hostilities between Israel and the Palestinian-Arabs. As virtually everyone knows by this point, Obama destroyed the potential for a negotiated end of the conflict by placing the unreasonable precondition of "total settlement freeze" on the table, thereby driving Mahmoud Abbas up his tree, where he yet lingers.

That's the first thing that must be kept in mind when considering the various ways that Obama has been bad for Israel and thus bad for the Jewish people. Obama ruined any possibility for a negotiated settlement. This cannot be emphasized enough. Obama took whatever potential there might have been in negotiations and threw them into the garbage entirely. The only question is, why? What was he thinking? Or was he thinking, at all? It's hard to know what would motivate the president of the United States to destroy the potential for peace between Israel and the Palestinian-Arabs, but that he did so is not in doubt.

For this reason, if for no other, Jewish people and friends of Israel must prevent a second, potentially disastrous, Obama presidency. If Obama is this hostile and incompetent now, when he still needs Jewish support for winning a second term, how will he behave when he has nothing to lose?

Of course, ruining the "peace process" is only one reason why Jewish people and friends of Israel should vote against Barack Obama 11 months from now. Another reason to show Obama the door is because his demands that Jews not be allowed to live, and thus build housing for themselves in Judea and Samaria, is a policy that justifies Arab racism against Jews. Mahmoud Abbas has demanded that any future state of Palestine must be Judenrein and Barack Obama apparently agrees. Why else would he insist that Jews should not be allowed to build housing for themselves on what is traditionally Jewish land?

Although it is rather difficult for me to believe that Obama is a racist, his policy on Jewish settlement building is, in fact, racist against the Jewish people. Can you imagine if any high ranking government official suggested that in the United States Italians should be allowed to live east of the Mississippi River, but not west of the river? Any such statement would be met with slack-jawed amazement, if not complete and utter outrage, yet this is essentially what Barack Obama is telling the Jews of the Middle East. They may only be allowed to live where he decides. It's difficult to imagine, but we need not imagine it because it is now part of the historical record. Obama literally thinks that he has the right to tell Jewish people where we may be allowed to live.

Also, of course, it was Barack Obama who told the world that the Radical Jihadi uprisings throughout the Middle East were something akin to the American Revolution and / or the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s, as if Martin Luther King were a genocidal Jihadi Jew Hater. In this way, Barack Obama literally supports a movement that has genocidal intention toward the Jewish people. This is not hyperbole, but quite literally the case. As the Muslim Brotherhood and their fascist affiliates throughout the Arab and Muslim worlds rise to power, they are doing so with the blessings of the President of the United States. It's so outlandish that people have a hard time wrapping their brains around this fact. It just seems so unlikely. Why would the President of the United States support genocidal Islamist intentions toward Jews? Chances are that was not his intention, but if it was not his intention, just why did he do it?

In any case, I have gone over this ground many times in the past and will probably continue to do so in the future because, much to my astonishment, these facts are being whitewashed by Obama supporters. Those of us who care about the Jewish people, and thus the Jewish state, must do whatever we can do to remind Jewish people, and friends, just how rotten the Obama administration has been for Israel and, therefore, how rotten he has been for the Jewish people.

We need to bang this drum as often and as loudly as possible because if Obama gets a second term the potential consequences are absolutely horrendous. We will see Iran go nuclear and the Middle East ruled by the Radical Jihad.

Barack Obama may be comfortable with such an outcome, but we cannot afford to be.


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