Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hamas Uses Phosphorous Bombs . The silence of the Human Rights Community is deafening

According to reports from Israel National News:
Gaza terrorists fired one rocket and nine mortar shells at Israeli civilian communities in the western Negev on Wednesday, Sept. 15.
Senior Hamas spokesman Ahmed Jabri released a statement calling to continue the attacks until victory, declaring "By our faith, our weapons, our rockets, our tunnels and our martyrs - given to us by Allah - we will achieve victory in the land of Palestine,"
IDF experts who examined some of the mortar shells fired at Israeli communities on Wednesday found that the explosives contained phosphorous. The finding shows that Hamas has gained more advanced weapons technology, they said. The International Human Rights Movement reacted to this alarming new development with complete silence.


Anonymous said...

Expect massive denunciation from the international community, the press, and the United Nations. Massive.

Anonymous said...

Coverage in the broadsheets today has addressed the news of increased violence emanating from Gaza, including reports that two of the 10 rockets launched at Israel from the strip on Tuesday carried phosphorous warheads.

Articles in The Independent, The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph all reported the use of the phosphorous shells which were fired into the Eshkol region but none of the articles led with this point. The Times, Financial Times and the BBC News website failed to mention it.

When Israel used phosphorous in Gaza in 2009, it was headline news in the British broadsheets, with The Times claiming to have broken the story and Israel facing accusations of war crimes. Yet today’s scant coverage in the media about Gaza’s use of phosphorous against Israel did not contain any reference to war crimes.

The potential for injury in the case of phosphorous came up in an Associated Press article published in The Guardian, which noted that it can 'start fires or severely burn people' – and in The Independent’s ‘Gaza militants launch rocket attacks in effort to derail peace talks’ which also noted that phosphorous ‘causes severe burns’.

An article in The Jerusalem Post suggests that this was not the first time such shells have been fired into Israel. In ‘Police: Terrorists fired 2 phosphorus shells into Israel’, the IDF acknowledges prior use of phosphorous by Palestinians and attempts to down play the severity of yesterday’s incident. However, Haim Yalin, head of the Eshkol Regional Council is quoted in the same article as saying 'These weapons have been banned by the Geneva Convention. They cause burns among victims, and they kill. This is an agricultural area – and we are now having to explain to farmers how to deal with burns from phosphorous shells'.