Thursday, November 19, 2009

Palestinian Children fare better than their Arab neighbors

In spite of JVP's squeals about "starving Palestinian children", a new UNICEF report shows that Palestinian children fair much better than their Arab neighbors. Children in the disputed territories suffer less from stunted growth due to maternal and childhood undernutrition than others in the region.

Palestinian Territories- 10%
Lebanon - 11
Jordan - 12
Oman - 13
UAE - 17
Saudi Arabia - 20
Kuwait - 24
Iraq - 26
Syria - 28
Egypt - 29
Yemen – 58

An estimated 200 million children aged under five in the developing world suffer from stunted growth due to maternal and childhood malnutrition, according to the report.
Yet JVP and its allied groups remain silent on the plight of the children of Yemen and Egypt and throughout the Arab world. Its as though only the Palestinian children counted to them.

With approximately 10% of Palestininian children experiencing stunting between 2003-2008, the disputed territories are on equal footing with Turkey, Tuvalu and Bahrain, which at last glance, did not suffer from Israel's "brutal and genocidal" occupation.


Anonymous said...

Uh, only the Palestinian children count to them.

Anonymous said...

As it is said, "a half truth is a whole lie." That pretty much sums up the Palestinian approach to journalism.

Anonymous said...

The annual Human Development Index,
part of the United Nations Development Program, takes into account life expectancy, literacy, school enrollment and per capita gross domestic product in 182 countries.
The palestinian territories are classified as Medium human development (developing countries) and are squarely in the middle of the pack, yet ranked well above their neighbors in Egypt.

fare said...

1) they fare better
2) these figures are not glorious, non the less.

Anonymous said...

According to the UN, the Palestinian territories are not even considered third world. They are part of the "developing world"-the middle tier. The Palestininian children are doing quite well in comparison to their peers in the Middle east. So much for the brutal and genocide occupation.