Saturday, November 28, 2009

Oh, those poor starving Gazans!

I just received this alarming email from Noura Khouri and Manal Elkarra. They claim:

The people of Gaza are literally being starved of basic food and needs; while caged in and locked out from the rest of the world. When governments of the world fail to act, we the people must. Please join us!

Poor Noura and Manal. Perhaps they don't read "Palestine Today" . Its possible they can't even read Arabic. If they did, they would have seen these photos from Gaza, taken just last week

Gaza Fruit Market

Gaza Bakery

Gaza Candy Seller

Noura. Manal. Just what basic foods are the people of Gaza being deprived of? The markets seem pretty well stocked to me. UNICEF thinks so too- Palestinian children are the second healthiest in the Arab world, after oil rich Qatar.


Becky Johnson said...

Readers should note that these photos were taken DURING the so-called "seige of Gaza" and after last year's winter war.

Anonymous said...

Due to the widespread visibilty of photos such as these, the organizers of the Dec. 27th Union Square vigil have wisely decided to drop the "Starving Gazans" rhetoric. Now they are simply talking about the shortage of bunker building construction equipment, er...concrete...

Anonymous said...

Well, apaprently Noura Khouri is educable! Her latest email states that the palestinians are being deprieved of "building material"- no mention of poor starving Palestinian children.

Thank you, PIBB! Chalk up another victory for truth, justice and the American way

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Noura Khouri who recently accused the sainted head of Glide Memorial Church of racism?

She seems to be suffering from a severe case of hoof and mouth disease. Noura, think before you write. Think before you speak. Hell, in your case Noura, think before you think!

Anonymous said...

The BBC’s Edward Stourton reports from Gaza
18th Jan 2010 BBC’s Today programme, available here via the BBC player, approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes into the program.
According to Stourton:

“I am actually in rather an elegant hotel by the sea in Gaza City, you maybe able to hear the waves lapping on the beach, and give or take the odd shortage it just about works…..hundreds of tunnels, and we are told some are big enough to allow entire cars to be smuggled through…..I am in the heart of Gaza City in the shopping area, in front of a shop absolutely stuffed with goods, inside there are clocks, and kettles, and crockery and pretty much anything you could want. Outside there on the pavement piles of fridges, washing machines and microwave ovens…”