Friday, April 10, 2015

JVP uses Syrian Crisis to Blame Israel

JVP is "concerned" about the ongoing humanitarian crisis facing Palestinians in the Yarmouk camp in Syria. Isn't that special?

JVP can't resist using this rather weak statement of concern as yet another opportunity to jab Israel, blaming them indirectly for the plight of Palestinians in Syria.  Not a word of reproach is directed toward the Arab regimes that kept 4 generations stranded in squalid camps, deprived of citizenship   JVP claims Israel has the denied the right of the Yarmouk  Palestinians to "return to their homes", as stipulated by UN Resolution 194.

JVP is perpetuating one of the longest lasting myths of this conflict- that there is an internationally sanctioned  "right" of return.

The relevant section from UN General Assembly Resolution 194 is cited below (full text available here)

Resolves that the refugees wishing to return to their homes and live at peace with their neighbours should be permitted to do so at the earliest practicable date...

From  Camera's Backgrounder: The Palestinian Claim to a “Right of Return”

Do Palestinians who fled Israel in 1948, and their descendants, have a legal or moral right to return to their former homes in Israel? Is it true that most other refugees around the world have already exercised such rights of repatriation? Palestinian spokesmen, and groups including Amnesty International, have repeatedly asserted that Palestinians do have a legal and moral right to return to Israel. Most legal authorities, however, contend that the relevant legal instruments, including UN General Assembly Resolution 194, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, offer no support for these claims. Moreover, many analysts have pointed out that because an Arab and Palestinian-initiated war against Israel created a similar number of Jewish and Palestinian refugees, and because Israel settled the Jewish refugees, the Arab side should settle the Palestinian refugees....

Because this only recommends that refugees be permitted to return, it can hardly be characterized as creating a “right.” Moreover, the requirement that returnees first accept living “at peace with their neighbors” meant that Palestinian returnees would have to accept Israel's right to exist, something that very few of them, even today, seem truly willing to do. Further, it did not even hint at any return rights for descendants of refugees.

No, JVP is not lobbying Congress or mobilizing in the street to help the long suffering Palestinians of Yarmouk They are not organizing flash-mobs or phone in campaigns to bring attention to the plight of these particular Palestinians. Suffice it to say, there are no flotillas or flytillas or "Global marches" to Yarmouk.

JVP and its partners on the delegitimization circuit aren't in this to help the Palestinian people. If they were perhaps this real humanitarian crisis would merit more than a blip on a web page.  The end game has never been about helping the Palestinian people or establishing a Palestinian state. Its been about destroying the Jewish one.

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Anonymous said...

Arabs killing Arabs demonstrates that Israel isn't the problem.

Islam is the problem.

Islam needs a reformation - from within - to excise the horrible parts of the Koran that cause so much suffering in the World.

The more Muslims that slip into the West, the nore their culture of death and destruction will be inflicted on the West.

You can't let rabid dogs into your communities and expect no one will get bitten.