Monday, April 27, 2015

Harvard Hosts the Economic Prosperity for Peace Conference

The goal of the BDS movement has never been to build a Palestinian state- the goal to destroy the Jewish one. Joint economic ventures and coexistence projects were discounted and rejected as “normalization”.  The economic health  of the Palestinian people was regarded as collateral damage towards that ultimate goal. 

There is another way.

There is a growing segment of the peace camp that believes the road to a lasting peace between the Palestinians and the Israeli people is mutual respect and recognition, co-existence and co-operation.

Harvard Business School is hosting the Economic Prosperity for Peace Conference, organized by a group of  Arab, Israeli, and American students from Harvard and MIT Sloan School of Management who seek prosperity and peace for all the people of the region

From their website:

The idea behind the conference is to explore the role that the private sector can play in building and promoting economic prosperity for Arabs and Israelis alike as a catalyst for regional stability and cooperation. The conference will take place over one day and through addresses from keynote speakers and several different panels, explore how entrepreneurship, infrastructure development, skills-based training and education can play an important role in laying the groundwork for an eventual and sustainable peace in the region.

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