Tuesday, February 10, 2015

UC Davis Divest: Adding Insult to Injury

Driven to national prominence by Rev. Al Sharpton, the story shocked the nation. In 1987, Tawana Brawley,  a 15 year old girl was found lying inside a trash bag, her body smeared with feces, and defaced with racial insults. She claimed she had been raped and kidnapped by a group of white men in N.Y.

A state grand jury later determined that Brawley had fabricated her claims.

Should we be less compassionate towards  the victims of hate crimes because of Brawley’s actions?  Should we doubt the authenticity of their claims, because once we were fooled ?

Of course not.

Yet a group of extremists, in an open letter to the chancellors of UC Davis have suggested just that, implying that pro Israel activists fabricated the anti-Semitic attack on the Jewish fraternity Alpha Epsilon Pi.

The fringe group of activists, including

ANSWER Sacramento
Davis Committee for Palestinian Rights
Friends of Sabeel Sacramento Region
HIMA Mesopotamia
Jewish Voice for Peace, Sacramento Chapter
Palestine American League
Palestinian American Congress
Palestine Israel Working Group of Nevada County
Sacramento Area Peace Action
Sacramento BDS
Veterans for Peace Chapter 87
Wellstone Progressive Democratic Club

had the audacity to  imply that the vandalism at the Jewish fraternity at UC Davis was self-imposed, writing "the spray painting might have been perpetrated in a deliberate, twisted, effort to discredit the student government action." After all,  they claim,  it may have happened once before.  It’s an egregious and shameful implication, serving only to add insult to injury. With  no supporting evidence, this group of extremists has discounted and questioned the veracity of the victims of a hate crime,  using this baseless speculation to further their own political agenda. Their final scurrilous appeal to the UC Davis Chancellors ended with the request that the rejection of BDS be rescinded, writing "Finally in this context, we urge you again to reconsider your public rejection of the ASUCD Senate resolution."

Its yet another in a series of shameless attacks on the Davis pro-Israel community, adding insult to injury once more.


Anonymous said...

I fear for the future of California.

Anonymous said...

You left out a group

Regressive Progressives for Islamofascism and Sharia Law

Noreen Mazelis said...

This is the Sacramento area BDSers latest meme, one which was dutifully repeated by local Israel hater JIM LEONARD in the (online) Comment section of the Letters to the Editor of the Davis Enterprise of Tuesday, February 10, 2015.

Anonymous said...

People often accuse their enemies of things which easily enter their own minds as possible strategies because people tend to imagine that others are like themselves.

Does SJP have a history of "deliberate, twisted effort to discredit" anyone? Perhaps by likening them to Nazis? If so, it would not be surprising that they think their enemies would also use this tactic.

Kind of like when Russia accused the UK of poisoning Litvinenko with Polonium. The KGB is notorious for poisoning exiled dissidents, Britain not so much.