Saturday, February 21, 2015

Ask your Congressperson to attend Netanyahu's Speech. Here's How you can help.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is scheduled to address a Joint Session of Congress next month. This is an important opportunity for our elected officials to hear directly from the leader of one of our closest allies, but partisan politics are getting in the way.

President Obama has declined to meet with the Prime Minister. Vice President Biden and 2 dozen  members of Congress are putting partisan politics ahead of our relationship with our only real ally in the  Region, and have announced that they too will boycott the Prime Minister's speech to Congress. 

The extremists at Jewish voice for Peace have been relentlessly lobbying Congress to  "skip the speech" on social media. We need to fight back.

Call  or fax your Congresspeople. Ask them to put partisan politics aside and listen to Prime Minister Netanyahu's address to Congress. 

Use facebook and Twitter to follow up on social media. 

Please contact your representatives and tell them why we must stop  Iran's nuclear ambitions. Ask them to attend Netanyahu's talk

Facebook selection of pages of US representatives in Congress and the Senate

Thank you!

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mk said...

Please invite your staff to join your constituents outside.
Tuesday, March 3at 9:00am Support Israel's Prime Minister visit to address Congress
(Organized by Defenders of Liberty MC)