Saturday, February 7, 2015

Medical innovation conference in Tel Aviv

Darned Israelis make it so inconvenient to launch and effective boycott.

The latest example of the creative energy and innovation of Israel that has the BDS'ers gnashing their teeth is MedinIsrael, scheduled next month in Tel Aviv.

Representatives from over 60 countries around the world will gather in Tel Aviv March 23rd -26th in a conference that will introduce the latest life-saving Israeli medical innovations.

More than 120 Israeli medical device and health information technology companies  will be participating in the conference.

Profiled are
* B-Cure Laser, the world’s first portable/home use Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) pain treatment device,
* BioGaming, an Israeli start-up that has won 1st prize Innovation Award at Medica 2014, which develops virtual reality computer games for orthopedics and sports rehabilitation
*EnzySurge, with products designed to treat chronic wounds and promote long-term natural healing processes.
*Doctome, an accessible, affordable telemedicine service which allows people around the globe to consult a caregiver in their own language by video and chat,
*Biovo Technologies, which has engineered groundbreaking ventilation devices for surgical patients
* Epsilor, a manufacturer of custom medical battery packs and charger solutions for emergency, surgical, therapeutic, and other healthcare applications.
*Integrity Applications,  which has developed a non-invasive blood glucose monitor

For more information, check out the MedinIsrael conference webpage

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Empress Trudy said...

Send this info to UC Davis and demand they each and every one of them sign an affidavit stating they will never make use of it. Ever.