Tuesday, February 3, 2015

In which UC Davis Senator Azka Fayyaz attempts to play victim

Today the Daily Aggie, the school paper of UC Davis contained an op-ed by Azka Fayyaz, entitled "Letter to the community from ASUCD senator Azka Fayyaz".  Its not an apology.  Azka's a bit upset about her recent notoriety, and wants everyone to know for a certainty, that she is the victim. Really she is.

She writes:

On Thursday, January 29, 2015, after the ASUCD Senate voted “Yes” by a supermajority to pass the Divestment Resolution, I posted a picture with the Pro-Divestment community on my personal Facebook with a satirical caption.  Although I made a comment on the picture stating that the caption was satirical, the anti-divestment community conveniently left out the comment from the rest of the picture and took the caption out of context.

Her claim isn’t valid- the comments are posted in context, and there is nothing that indicates that her deeply offensive statements were anything other than her sincere feelings.

 It was a screen shot, Azka. If it were edited or altered you'd be able to prove it. Its your Facebook account.

Instead, Azka, you took it down.

Do you really  expect us to believe  this is satire ?

 If you were convinced that the context of your statement would exonerate you, why did you immediately close down your Facebook page?

The depth of her animosity  towards those who disagree with her extremist views is made crystal clear with her statement, published in the Aggie. To this Muslim Student Association activist, her students peers are part of  the "Zionist lobby', and their only motivation could possibly be money.

As a veiled, Muslim senator, I have been attacked many times during my term by the anti-divestment community on campus, specifically the leadership of both AEPi, the Jewish fraternity at UC Davis, and Aggies for Israel, who have made it their mission to harass me over social media and actively censor my online presence during this summer’s atrocious Operation Protective Edge, which resulted in the death of over 2,000 Gazans. More specifically, these communities have violently stalked me on Facebook and reported the contents of my profile to the Zionist lobby groups which they have been paid to represent. 

A simple adjustment of your Facebook privacy setting would have taken care of that, Azka.  And if you hadn't  conveniently  hidden your account your claims of being “violently stalked”  and “harassed” on Facebook could be easily substantiated.

Azka Fayyaz concludes "My hope is that any intelligent person is able to discern between satire and fact."

We can, Azka. Yes we can. And that why we fear for the future of UC Davis.


Anonymous said...

Ask Azka whether those at Charlie Hebdo think Hamas can take a satirical joke...

Anonymous said...

Ask Azka whether those at Charlie Hebdo think Hamas can take a satirical joke...

Anonymous said...

As a former resident of California I find the rise in antisemitism upsetting. Having lived there over 30 years I can honestly say I never experienced it personally.

Geoff Kl said...

her asajew dhimmi supporters also seem to have a problem with the truth


no one is blocked from participating in hillel

Gary Fouse said...

How arrogant!

Empress Trudy said...

There are many things that DON'T work. Appealing to Jew hating Nazis doesn't work. They like being Jew hating Nazis. Appealing to spineless college administrations doesn't work. They hide under their desks. Appealing to the law under the aegis of creating a hostile environment doesn't work. Jews aren't a protected class minority. The only thing that works is to punish them financially coupled with humiliating them on social media. The objective needs to be get donors and alumni to abandon them and to call them out on social media for the Jew hating Nazis they are. AS A SCHOOL, not a specific group of agitators. You have lump the Jew hating Nazis and the administration together and call them out, with their own words. And when or if they apologize or back down ratchet the pressure even higher. Don't stop. Don't even stop if college presidents and chancellors and trustees are fired. Keep going. You have fight on their terms and their terms are kill them all take no prisoners defile the corpses and laugh about it.

Anonymous said...

1941 The Grand Mufti meets Hitler