Saturday, February 14, 2015

Half of the "journalists" killed in Gaza are terror operatives

Its been widely claimed that 17 journalists had been killed by the IDF while reporting from  Gaza.
The list was suspect from the very beginning.  two names from the list,  Simone Camilli  and his translator Ali Abu Afesh were killed watching Gaza policemen attempting  to defuse unexploded ordnance.

1.    Hamid Abdullah Shehab – “Media 24″company.
2.    Najla Mahmoud Haj – media activist.
3     Khalid Hamad – the “Kontnao” Media Production company.
4.    Ziad Abdul Rahman Abu Hin – al-Ketab satellite channel.
5.    Ezzat Duheir – Prisoners Radio.
6.    Bahauddin Gharib – Palestine TV.
7.    Ahed Zaqqout – veteran sports journalist.
8.    Ryan Rami – Palestinian Media Network.
9.    Sameh Al-Arian – Al-Aqsa TV.
10.  Mohammed Daher – Editor in al-Resala paper.
11.  Abdullah Vhjan – sports journalist.
12.  journalist Khaled Hamada Mqat- Director of Saja news website.
13.  freelance journalist Shadi Hamdi Ayyad.
14.  photojournalist Mohammed Nur al-Din al-Dairi – works in the Palestinian Network.
15.  translater Ali Abu Afesh – Doha Center for Media.
16.  Italian journalist Simone Camilli – photographer in the Associated Press.
17. Abdullah fadel Murtaja.

Meticulous research from the Meir Amit  Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center   found that eight out of the 17 names were Hamas and Islamic Jihad operatives or  worked in Hamas media outlets, adding  “The Palestinian Journalists Union and the Gazan branch of the Information Office tried to hide the military-terrorist identity of the terror operatives, and present them as journalists"

Izzadin Al-Kassam operative Abdullah Murtaja appeared on the list of 17 "journalists" killed in Gaza this summer. Does he look like a journalist to you?

The Israeli Defense Forces achieved a 1:1 civilian to combatant ratio almost unprecedented in the history of  urban warfare.

For more information about the 17 journalists killed in Gaza

Examination of the Names of 17 Journalists and Media Personnel Whom the Palestinians Claim Were Killed in Operation Protective
Half of names of Gaza journalist casualties are terror operatives, or members of Hamas media

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