Saturday, February 14, 2015

A whole bunch of people no one has heard of are boycotting Israel

Over 100 "artists" have announced a cultural boycott of Israel . And not surprising, they aren’t exactly household names.  We're not talking  the "A" list, here.

Peter Kosminsky, Who?
Mike Leigh. Wasn’t he the one...? Er, no.
Jimmy McGovern, Huh?
Phyllida Lloyd,  sounds kinda familiar,
Max Stafford-Clark, Oh, oh, oh- didn't he play the kooky sidekick in, no... sorry. I'm mistaken.
Will Alsop OBE,  Alsop's Fables, right? Right?
John Berger,  I'm sure his mother loves him
Miriam Margolyes,
Maggie Steed,
Riz Ahmed,
Anna Carteret,
Jeremy Hardy,
Brian Eno, I’ve heard of him!
Richard Ashcroft,
Gillian Slovo,
China Miéville,
Aminatta Forna,
Hari Kunzru,
Liz Lochhead,
Hanan Al-Shaykh,
Peter Ahrends,
David Calder,
Caryl Churchill,
Sacha Craddock,
Selma Dabbagh,
Ken Loach,
Roger Michell,
April De Angelis,
Andy de la Tour,
Mike Hodges,
Rachel Holmes,
Ann Jungman,
Kika Markham,
Simon McBurney,
Andrew O’Hagan,
Courttia Newland,
Michael Radford,
Lynne Reid Banks, 
Kamila Shamsie,
Alexei Sayle,
Roger Waters, the nutbar from pink Floyd
Mark Thomas,
Susan Wooldridge,
Laura Mulvey,
Pauline Melville,
Khalid Abdalla,
Nicholas Blincoe,
Leah Borrromeo, Played Emily in Homestead Highs' production of "Our Town" (or is that the wrong Leah Borrromeo?)
Haim Bresheeth,
Victoria Brittain,
Niall Buggy, NO!!!! Not Niall Buggy!!!! Actually, I have no idea who Niall Buggy is
Tam Dean Burn,
Jonathan Burrows,
Taghrid Choucair-Vizoso,
Ian Christie,
Liam Cunningham,
Ivor Dembina,
Shane Dempsey,
Patrick Driver,
Okin Earl,
Leon Rosselson,
Sally El Hosaini,
Paul Laverty,
Eyal Sivan,
John Smith,  He had a fling with Pocahontas a few centuries back, right?
Mitra Tabrizian,
Siobhan Redmond,
Ian Rickson,
Tom Leonard,
Sonja Linden,
David Mabb,
Rose Issa,
Gareth Evans,
Alisa Lebow,
Annie Firbank,
James Floyd,
Jane Frere,
Kadija George,
Bob Giles,
Mel Gooding,
Tony Graham,
Penny Woolcock,
Omar Robert Hamilton.

After 13 years of demonization, this is the best the haters can muster up.

Whats this I've heard about Taylor Swift in negotiations to play in Israel?


Gary Fouse said...

The only one I've heard of is Waters and that's only because he is a known anti-Israel agitator. Even with Pink Floyd I never heard his name.

Anonymous said...

Eternal Nakba Floyd.